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There are concepts that the Radical Progressive Left is trying to sell, that are incompatible with our Constitution, but that’s to be expected because they really have no regard for our form of government, as defined by our Constitution. This is just one concept that the Radical  Progressive Left is pushing to destabilize the Nation, but it has a strong negative impact on our culture, because it prevents the establishment of a homogeneous country, or to put it another way, assimilation.
In the past when new immigrants entered the country in large numbers they brought with them an assortment of cultural characteristics that were eventually assimilated into the culture of their new home. This assimilation gave our country more diversity, but this was accomplished by a normal acceptance of those characteristics, we were not forced by the government or some group that had an agenda to accept these new qualities; this process allowed the Nation to maintain its homogeneous structure.
Another concept that is very disconcerting is the establishment of a multilingual or bilingual country. This concept has proven to be a disaster for a nation looking to assimilate its population; it’s one of the reasons that the European Union is falling apart and having so many problems. The European Union was chosen as an example because it mirrors what is happening to the Nation, but for some strange reason we are unable to realize this fact; this may be due to the inability of our educational system to teach students how to critically analyze situations.
The country needs to get back to viewing the Nation’s langue as English, this was, at one time, a requirement for citizenship, but over the generations the Radical Progressive Left has managed to distort this aspect of our culture. The Nation needs to get back to policies that will bring us back to a homogeneous state. It’s becoming abundantly clear that this will not be accomplished by the Establishment, as evidenced by their efforts to correct the Nation’s healthcare system, the Establishment is more interested in protecting special interest groups, not in coming up with a system that gives the individual a program that will allow the individual to chose a policy that fits their needs. We have been saved from making a big mistake of passing the bill that Ryan presented.
We should not be required to allow people into the country just because their lives would be better here, than in their own country, especially if they have no interest in being assimilated, or following our Constitutional laws. This kind of migration is putting a financial strain on our country, and the citizens are paying for these actions, thanks to our politicians that have no problem spending taxpayers’ money, so they can be viewed as being generous. Maybe we should reduce their payment, staff, benefits, and require them to work a full forty hour work-week, with no more than three work-weeks off for vacation and holidays, and live by the same rules that us mere mortals live by.
The electorate has to wake up to the fact that our government is not here to serve the citizenry; it’s incomprehensible that the electorate has not picked up this fact, after all these generations of abuse by their government. It would appear that we have developed a compliant masochistic population, a condition that allows a ruling cabal to flourish.
If the electorate is unable to awaken from the stupor they are in, it will mean the end of our Constitution, our sovereignty, and individual freedom.


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