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There are a number of people in government that are misusing Lady Liberty’s image to put forth a false narrative, and it’s about time that the symbol’s image receive its true meaning. Hopefully most people know that the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the Nation by the French, that were instrumental in our efforts to break away from the English Crown, but there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the Lady’s meaning beyond the point of the presentation of the gift.
A majority of the problems are related to a poem, The New Colossus, by Emma Lazarus in 1883, and was mounted on a plaque located in the base of the Statue of Liberty, which was place there in the early 1900’s, after Lazarus’ death. There is only one inscription on the statue, and it reads: “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI”, the date of the Decoration of Independence, it’s inscribed on the tablet that she is holding in her left hand. When the erection of the State of Liberty was completed in 1886, it had a hue of a copper penny, but that changed over the decades as a result of oxidation,  
We have added at least twelve states to the Nation since the time we received the gift from the French people, this point is being made to show that our country was still expanding, and there was a greater opportunity for immigrants willing to make their way in the New World, this was a challenge for the newcomers, because there were no safety nets for these immigrants, they had to rely on their own resources. It should be clear to any rational person that the landscape has changed radically, and the new immigrants are, for the most part, not of the same quality as those early settlers, this is not to say that all new immigrants lack the qualities of the original immigrants, but we have far too many newcomers that would not be here if conditions were the same as they were in our early days.
The conditions that existed during our formative days were conducive to the concept of assimilation, English was the accepted nation’s langue, and the concentration of other national groups were not so large that they could function independently of the assimilated population. If the reader is failing to note the changes between then and now, the reader may want to hone his/her analytical skills. Our early environment was tailor for the compliance of the Nation’s Constitution. The Federal Government did not play a prominent role in the individual’s life, and government at lower levels were there to ensure some limited form of order, it was up to the individual to make their way in the New World, and this required individuals to rely on their own skills, with assistance from neighbors when their skills fell short of what was needed. If the reader has paid any attention to the basic principles that are the structural supports for the Constitution, they will find that the environment during this early period was ideal for compliance and assimilation by the immigrants of that time.
Our mistake was electing political leaders that were more concerned with their power, than that of the individual, but it did not end there. The power was continually moving more and more towards the centralized Federal government, while states have been losing more of their sovereignty with each passing generation. All of these trends are counter to the intent of the Nation’s Constitution, which will eventually render the Constitution null and void.
If the reader is a member of the electorate that believes that America is unique as a result of our Constitution, then it’s time to get rid of a lot of our political leaders that are destroying our Constitution, which will require a lot of changes in our current policies, and we are not going to get those changes with the politicians that we currently have in office, we don’t need politicians that are going to give us something, we need people that will get government out of our business, and get us back to the kind of environment that the Nation had during our formative years.
Getting back to the cultural environment that we had during our formative years is not going to be easy, because the entrenched Establishment is not willing to give up any of its power, and there are too many citizens that are not equipped to function under the conditions that existed during our formative years.


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