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Some weeks ago the President came out with a tweet that blamed the Freedom caucus for blocking the program that the Speaker of the House presented as the only way the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could be repealed and replaced. This was a program that the Speaker said had the support needed to pass in the House, but he really did not take a headcount before making the presentation that was compiled by a small group, without any input from other members of the House. When it became apparent that he could not pass his Bill, he called on the President to influence those members of the House that had objections to the Speakers Bill.
When the Bill was first presented some people were referring to it as Ryan’s Care, which was said to be Obama Care Light, but as the President became more involved the Bill’s name became Trump Care. There were many problems associated with the Bill, and the repeal and replace would have taken four years, and the damage it would have done may have presented a problem for a second term for the President.
The President’s ability to discern whether the advice he is receiving will enable him to fulfill his promises to the people that have turned out to put him in office, is beginning to be of some concern with some of his supporters. His resent actions in the interim are causing some supporters to question many of the promises he made, on major programs, which were proposed when running for the Presidency. One of those programs was the repeal and replacing of the ACA, but the manner of fulfilling this promise is going to create a number of negative outcomes for the administration.  The President said that he would represent the people, but some of the people that he is listening to are members of his family, and other people in his group that are recommending actions that one might expect to be proposals that would be presented by the previous administration.
There has been no discussion about the possibility of repealing the ACA, and putting in the new healthcare Bill with the best principles for the individual or consumer. The objective would be to have an overlap of the two programs, but with a final cutoff date six to nine mounts after the new healthcare Bill is in force. The House can use the time between the enactment of the new Bill and the termination of the ACA, to work on the problem areas that are supposedly being addressed by the ACA. This approach would prevent the moves that some are looking to make the institutions the reward the politicians with campaign funds, a system that benefits the institutions at the expense of the individual consumer. This is the biggest problem with the political representatives that the electorate puts into office, year after year. This cabal does not want to allow anything that will disrupt the symbiotic relationship it has with the special interest institutions.
 This is the main stumbling block with the passage of the current healthcare bill that the Speaker of the House is trying to push, he is looking to put the institutions in the catbird seat, and he can’t do that if the healthcare bill meets some of the principals that the President suggested he wanted to see in the healthcare bill.
It might be instructive to review some of the proposals that have been made for a new healthcare bill: buying a policy across state lines, individual healthcare savings accounts, the ability to pass on some or all of your healthcare account to other individual’s healthcare account, the individual would not be limited to a specific healthcare provider, a reduction in the cost of drugs as a result of a competitive distributors, pricing the services up front so the patient can shop for the best price, causing providers to become more competitive.
These are just a few of the concepts that have been suggested, the idea is to give the individual the ability to have some control over his/her healthcare cost.
The Freedom caucus just saved President Trump from buying into a program that would have damaged his administration. What we need is representatives that are not aligned with the Establishment or any of its institutions.


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