For Your Consideration: Trump's Learning Curve

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It’s obvious that the President is not following a political party’s paradigm, but he does have an objective, which should have some basic principles, if it’s going to be successful.
The problem that some people are having is trying to pinpoint what principles he is employing to attain his objectives.
The inability to establish a set of principles that will achieve the objective he’s trying to achieve, but he may be approaching the problem in phases, which means that it’s going to be impossible to discern until the final objective is achieved.
 One thing is certain, the President is aware of the fact that the environment is in continual flux, and when things appear to be lining-up to initiate a new direction, he will make a change to move a program to a more favorable position.
This form of approaching a problem is very confusing to pundits that expect movement in a straight line.
What has many of his supporters concerned is the acceptance of some programs that will have a negative impact on some of his stated positions, backing the speaker of the House’s proposal for dealing with the ACA is a good example of what has some people concerned. This is where the President’s learning curve needs to receive more attention.
The President will have to learn that the Establishment has an objective that is diametrically opposed to his stated position, and he can’t depend on their rhetoric when they say they are in full agreement with his position, because his position is designed to take waste out of government, and that is really of no concern to the Establishment, our taxes are their coin of the realm, it’s what keeps them in power.  
This is something the President is well aware of, because he has used their system to build a successful business.
Trump knows the negative impact our bureaucratic institutions are having on businesses, this is what he said he wanted to eliminate. If the President is serious about correcting this problem, then he had better plug this fact into his decision making process, he will have to take actions that circumnavigate or undermine the regulations, in much the same way the Establishment  has gone about undermining the Constitution.
Some portion of the citizenry would like the government to follow the Constitution, but that can’t happen today with the way the government has been functioning, and this condition is being supported by at least ninety-five percent of the politicians at every level of our government, and any politician that tries to follow the principals in the Constitution is just spinning his/her wheels, you just can’t get there from here, The electorate will have to wait and see if the President can start to make some course changes that are helping to turn this ship around, and the electorate should not expect the President to fulfill all the promises he has made, because the Establishment will not allow that to happen, and a large portion of the population is unwilling to force their representatives to follow the Constitution, part of this is related to the fact that most Americans don’t have the slightest concept of the basic principles in the constitution, they rely on the rhetoric of their representatives’ interpretation.
One can only hope that the electorate will wake up and vote for people that want to follow the Constitution, and they cannot make the right choice by voting for a Party, it’s the individual that counts. A candidate that is brave enough to put themselves into the system that we currently have will need all the support they can get.


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