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One can only hope that the electorate is beginning to realize that it’s important to vote intelligently, and to have a clear understanding of where their chosen candidate is going to take them.
Regretfully, the electorate cannot depend on the party affiliation to know what kind of representation they are going to receive. The basic problem with the two establishment political parties is that they are more concerned with their political power, and in all probability that will not be in line with the direction that will benefit the individual, even if an individual belongs to one of the groups that a party is supporting, the individual’s benefit is only a limited by product, the purpose is to enhance the group’s power, not that of the individual.
If you are an individual that believes that the power should reside with the individual, then you would not vote for a candidate that is looking to increase the power of a political party, or that of a group, to simplify this point, if you believe in the Constitution that the Founders established for the individual electorate, then most of the candidates running for a political office are not looking to serve the individual.
Our government has devolved into a system that is boarding on a dictatorship, but this should not surprise the electorate, if they have any knowledge of man’s history. 
This condition is not something that can be placed at the foot of this administration, it has been moving in this direction for the past two hundred years, it’s just that it has become more pronounced during this administration, and there are a number of factors in place that can put a lock on a dictatorship, but the electorate does not want to accept this concept because it is so foreign to the image that most of us have of our nation.
It is important that the electorate does not treat this mid-term election as they have treated so many in the past, as a matter of fact this election needs to be treated with even more concern than one would give to a Presidential election, because there will be a major effort to seal the deal during this election, and there will be efforts made to have even more illegal votes than our elections have had in the past.
The prime concern should be not to put any candidates in office that are intent on legalizing the millions of illegal immigrants that have entered our country, because most of these people have little or no concept of our Constitution, and what it was designed to do.
Our educational system has done a good job of dumbing down our citizens knowledge of the intent of our Constitution, under the guidance of the Federal government. Both political parties are in favor of seeing this legalization come to fruition, but for different reasons.
If you are an electorate that is concerned with the state of the country, then you need to go to the polls and vote for candidates that are looking to turn the country around and move the country into conformity of the Constitution, this is going to require the voter to evaluate the positions of the candidates at all levels of government, not just within the Federal government. Another area that needs more attention is the judicial positions, are the judges that we elect interested in enforcing the law as it is written, or do they want to interpret the law outside the bounds of both the Federal and states Constitutions. 
If you are a citizen that is concerned about the direction the Nation is going in, then you should approach this election with a lot more forethought than has been applied to elections in the past.  Our Founders realized that it would take an educated populace to make the system work that they gave us at the founding of the country, but evidently we can’t rely on the government to give the citizenry the education needed to ensure the survival of their gift, so it’s going to be up to the individual citizen to educate themselves to make our system work, do your best and vote.


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