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There is a lack of understanding about the value of the dollar as it relates to the Nation’s economy and world trade. This lack of understanding even impacts the individual’s discretionary spending and the individual’s ability to find gainful employment. The American public is operating under too many misconceptions, and this is killing our ability to compete with other nation’s production of merchandise. The forces that influence the value of the dollar are varied and numerous, but they should all receive a critical analysis, if the Nation is ever going to have a stable productive economy.  
A good starting point for evaluating the changes in the Nation’s currency would be during the Great Depression when the minimum wage was twenty-five cents an hour, postal workers’ income h was fifty dollars a month, and that was considered to be a good salary. During World II a box of cereal produced by a well known brand today, cost seventeen cents, and one could rent an apartment in New York City for ten dollars a month. In the early 50’s a factory worker’s weekly income had climbed to seventy-five dollars a week, and rent in NYC had climbed to fifteen dollars a month, but that was with rent controls imposed on landlords. Salaries started to climb, but so did the cost of goods. What we began to see is the depreciation of the dollar, and the wage earner’s discretionary income continued to decline at a faster rate, which indicates that it’s not how much you make, but what’s happening to one’s discretionary spending that is important.
These politicians that are pushing for a higher minimum wage are not doing the individual work any favors, they are not looking out for the individual worker, and they are impeding the Nation’s ability to compete in world trade. Any individual that fails to note that most of our corporations have been moving most of their production overseas, would have to be living under a rock, or completely devoid or reason.
Our politicians are not looking out for the individual; they are working for the multinational corporations, because that’s where they get the big money for their campaigns. Their actions are not confined to the multinational corporations; they also cater to large institutions that make big contributions to their campaigns. It’s time the electorate woke-up, and start to put representatives in office that will lookout for the individual, and the Nation’s ability to compete on a level playing field with a certain amount of economic stability.
The Nation is on the verge of losing its Constitution, and if that is accomplished it will mean the end of individual freedom, this has already been occurring almost since our founding, but in such small increments that many have failed to note the infringements. The electorate has allowed those seeking power to manipulate their thinking with what seemed to be reasonable rhetoric, but when that rhetoric is evaluate using the basic principles of the Constitution, the rhetoric falls apart.
The electorate has been voting for a dictatorship for over two hundred years, this is condition is due in part to a lack of understanding of our Constitution’s basic principles, and the inability to see the benefits of these principles is they are applied to our culture.
The President is correct when he says that the swamp needs to be drained, but it’s not clear that he understands the verity of vermin that inhabit the swamp.
It would behoove the President to use the basic principles of the Constitution to evaluate the information that he is receiving from the vermin that have been advising him, and that would include some of his family members, but that would imply that he is interested in fulfilling the objectives of the Nation’s Constitution.
This is no small task, because the vermin have managed to insert a vast quantity of legislation that does not comply with the basic principles, but he could still manage to make small changes that would move our government closer to the intent of our Founders.


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