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One might have to be a senior citizen to recall the treatment that Presidents’ have gotten during their terms in office, it’s doubtful that there are many that can recall enough about any President prior to Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), who served four terms in office.  All Presidents have received a certain amount of criticism, but one would be hard pressed to find any past President that has received as much criticism as President Trump from almost every institution in our society. The treatment that Trump has been receiving needs to receive a critical analysis.
A member of the U.S. House of Representative recently made a comment that there appears to be a force that is intent on blocking the President’s programs, it’s not clear whether this was a tongue in cheek remark, or if there was a real unknown force that was responsible. The problem is that there are two distinct forces at play in the effort to destroy President Trump’s programs; the obvious force is the Establishment and its institutions that have a symbiotic relationship with the Establishment. There is another, more diabolical, force that intends to completely dismantle the Nation’s culture, which also includes the Establishment. The potential danger to the Establishment is being overlooked by the Establishment.
This second, more destructive force, is employing the suggested actions from Rules for Radicals, which functions at the emotive level, and conditions individuals to behave in irrational ways. In order to accomplish this, the individual must be indoctrinated at a very early age; this is where our educational system comes into play. The educational system has been infiltrated by radicals for at least two generations, reason, logic, and true scientific principles are ignored or distorted. The results of this indoctrination become evident when an individual that has gone through the indoctrination is engaged in a conversation that requires logic or reason. The indoctrinated individual puts their information in separate boxes, and any contradictions or inconsistencies in reason are ignored, so it becomes almost impossible to communicate with the individuals. To be fair, most individuals laps into this position at one time or another, but when they are confronted with their failure to think logically, they will reassess their position to correct their mistake, something that a radical appears incapable of doing.
The President is faced with trying to address the problems of the Nation, and try to get his        message through to the public that is being bombarded by these two forces, and the attacks are so pervasive that many individuals think that their position must be correct, and they go along with what they think the majority of people are thinking, or to put it another way, they develop an emotional mob mentality.  
The President approaches problem solving from a reasoned point of view, not from a political point of view, this presents a problem for him, because it’s the approach that he knows is holding the Nation back from really great advancements, but his approach will cut off the life blood of the political parties. Pundits are continually finding fault with him because he appears to be changing his mind, when in fact all he’s doing is adjusting to the fluxes in the environment to move a program further along, this is an endless process, even when the objective appears to be met, the continual flux in the environment will require adjustments.
Just imagine what this President could accomplish if he was not receiving so much help from the two primary forces that are continually looking to block his objectives.
The only significance the first one-hundred days has is that it sets up an expectation in those that are supposed to be working with him that they need to hit the ground running, but that is a condition that our political leaders are not use to, Some advice to the electorate, don’t make any judgments on the President’s job that are based on polls or pundits comments, evaluate his performance after three and a half years.


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