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The American public is operating under a misconception when the term “shut down the government” is used, the government does not close down, it does break down to a level sufficient enough to continue with essential functions, and that level can be determined by the administration’s cabinet members, if done properly the general public will not experience any drastic consequences. The last administration made a point of creating conditions that would impact the general public in a negative way.
It would be very interesting to observe the results if the reductions were made rationally. The electorate is aware of the fact that our bureaucracy has too many personnel, and agencies that could be done away with completely.
This would be an excellent opportunity to find out where the deadwood is located in the management and work force. Those people that don’t produce should be dropped from the system and consider their time off as an expiration date that is not compensated for. The rules for termination need to be revised to allow for rightful termination. The rules should not allow for termination of an individual because of one’s party affiliation, but in one’s ability to perform their function objectively.
Our government has become too bloated in too many areas, and our current system does not lend itself to making any rational corrections to this problem. The only options open to us at this time are time consuming and costly. Government employees should not be unionized, but they should not be dismissed without cause. This approach presents a problem for our current system because the Party in power always wants to put people in place that will function to serve the Party, when the guide should be to serve the people as defined by our Constitution.  
One would hope that the current administration would allow the government to go into a limited operation to get spending out of a continually expanding deficit budget. The limited manning should be cut back to a point that will give the Nation a balanced budget, the personnel that are given off would be considered to be on unpaid leave, as harsh as this action is it will be required to send a message that the government is not going to continue to operate for the benefit of the bureaucry and the political Parties, this condition is in direct opposition to the principles of the Nation’s Constitution.
The electorate needs to pay more attention to our Constitution, because the powers that are running the country are not following the Constitution, even though they continually wrap themselves in the cloak of the Constitution. It’s becoming clear that the Establishment does not want the electorate to understand the principles that make our Constitution so unique.
Thanks to our educational system, our students are being brainwashed to accept a view of the Constitution that is totally out of kilter with the real meaning of our Founding document.
The Nation is in a position to make some major changes, but tearing away from the grip of the controlling powers is not going to be easy, it’s going to require some bold leadership. As intent as the current administration appears to be in correcting many of the inadequacies with the leadership of the Establishment, it’s doubtful that its bold enough moves that will make a very big correction in the Nation’s course.


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