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Our Healthcare system has been made complicated by the government and the various institutions that are associated with it. The government is suggesting that healthcare is a right, and the government assuring each and every person should receive from the government, but if the government should provide the service to individuals that can’t afford it, because it has the ability to provide it, it can also take it way, or determine how much you will receive. Healthcare is only a right when the individual is capable of freely selecting the options that he/she is capable of attaining as a result of their own abilities, and that is going to be different with each individual. This position presents a moral dilemma, but this can be resolved by contributions being made by various sources, that provide enough care to sustain life, and the extent of that care will depend on the society.
There is no culture that is currently addressing healthcare in a constructive manner, that is the result of governments and the healthcare institutions approaching this problem from their own personal perspective, which tends to protect their power and control. It’s going to be exceedingly difficult to change the thinking of those in power, because many of the alternatives are less costly and don’t require individuals to rely on the established institutions.
There are remedies, vitamins, herbs, foods, over the counter medicines, physical and mental exercises that will do the same things as many of the prescription medicines, without all the negative side effects.
This is not to suggest that these alternative are free from negative side effects, especially if one is taking them along with a prescription medication, but if a person learn to approach a solution to their problem slowly and monitors their reaction to the alternative medication they are far less apt to have the kind of results they would have with a prescription medicine.
It should be clear why the Establishment would be opposed to evaluation these alternative methods, but the individual would benefit greatly from any research into these alternatives.
The single payer system that was being pushed by the previous administration takes everything away from the individual, but it allows the government to grow and to continue its taxing ability. Even the currents administration does not go far enough, but it will give the individual more control over the type of coverage that the individual may want over their healthcare, at various stages of their life. Both administrations fail to maximize the individual’s ability to utilize a system that benefits the individual, any system that treats individuals with a cookie cutter approach will fall short of the goal.
The electorate is being manipulated by the government, the government is continually applying taxes to items that they say are pushing up the cost of our healthcare, but they treat that money as if it were fungible, and divert it to special interest projects, and then they turn around and tax the electorate for increases in our healthcare. We should stop funding all projects that are nonessential, until we get back all the money that they have misappropriated over the years.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was designed to fail and move us into a single payer system, what we need to do with the ACA is repeal it today with an effective termination date of December the 31st of 2018, and allow all those people that want to move into one of the health program that the current administration has activated, this should give Congress a year and a half to come up with a plan for those individuals that are still in the ACA, this may put a strain on our Congressional leaders, knowing the speed they work at, As time goes by and the new healthcare plan adds more flexibility to the system the individual can look at the options and select from a variety of programs that fit the individual’s needs at that time. The individual should not act on any positions taken in this article, but a good start would be to learn how to communicate with your healthcare physician, and try to be more aware of things that may be presenting health problems to your system. 


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