For Your Consideration: Offense Not Defense

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It’s no surprise that the Establishment is going full-bore to ensure the President’s programs don’t come to fruition, because it will be made clear that the Establishment has been functioning to enhance its position, at the expense of the individual’s ability to improve his/her living condition. What is surprising is the fact that the President’s team is employing a very weak defensive team, when what’s really needed is a strong offensive psy-ops program, a team that is directed to find out where the leaks are coming from, and another team that will concentrate on removing the Deep State functionaries throughout government.
The President needs to have people that will clear the field so he can pay more attention to getting his programs structured to a point that they will yield the results that were promised. The President has suggested that he may end press briefings, but he could modify the program by asking the various news agencies to send in a list of questions that they would like answers to, he could also include input from the electorate. The questions could then be grouped into categories and answered as a single question. This action can be presented once every two of three weeks, without having the need for the press to be present. The President needs to stop having interviews with media outlets that don’t give objective interviews. Once a month he could give an update to the public as to the movement of the programs that he has promised, which could also include aspects that are presenting problems. The presentations should only include changes that have been made since the last presentation, and a general evaluation of expected problems and progress.
With the military leaders that Trump has put into his cabinet, one may think that there is some awareness of psychological warfare, which could be structured to offset what the Establishment is attempting to do to the President, and doing it in such a way as to enhance the programs that the President is trying to initiate. This would also be an invaluable aid in weeding out people that are not with the President and his objectives, but that would require having an expert in the psy-ops field to detect where a contributor may be looking to insert something that would harm rather than help in the offensive against the opposition forces. Talking about the tactics that could be used against the opposition is not something that should be done in any public forum, but it would not be improper to suggest that many of the tactics that are being used by the opposition could be used by Trump’s administration with some modifications.
President Trump has to come to the realization that it’s going to be very difficult to drain the swamp of all the vermin that reside there, when much of his staff is, or has been, members of this group. The President appears to have a blind spot with some of his selections, that’s more related to likeability than their basic approach as to how government should work for the individual citizen. The President might find it useful to isolate the basic principles that his programs are being based on; this would help to keep some consistency on which a project is structured. It’s not always going to be possible to meet all the principles of a structure, but he should avoid any principle into the makeup that is in direct opposition to the primary principles.
Flexibility is essential, but if a negative element is introduced, it should be done in such a way that it can be modified in a positive way at some point in the future. The major point that the President needs to understand, is the fact that most of the Establishment is going to do its best to prevent him from succeeding with a majority of his objectives, regardless of how rational they are, or how much they would benefit our Nation, because if they were to come to fruition it would destroy the symbiotic relationship that this cabal has developed over the centuries.


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