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There are individuals in our society that have tried to explain what is happening to our culture. It might be more informative to view the movement as a counter Constitutional movement, which has been with us since the birth of the Nation. The Founders attempted to give the new nation a Constitution that maximized the individual’s freedom, while still maintaining stability, an ideal condition that had never been put forth in any past civilization. The concept is radical because it goes counter to all of man’s history, because there are always individual’s that want to be in control, of their lives, but also in the actions of others. For the Founders’ system to work it requires individuals that symbolize the individual that is responsible, and  are faithful to the basic principles of the Constitution, and an electorate that is educated enough to distinguish those representatives that perform to protect the individual’s rights, which would require a solid grounding in our Constitution, and the ability to perform critical analytical analysis.
The Nation’s primary law is the Constitution, and all laws that are promulgated should be in conformances with the document that gives the law standing. Our culture has debased the Constitution to the point that it’s no longer relevant. The Beast has been exposed and it has managed to undermine all the basic principles that are the structural support for the Constitution; this can only lead to a dictatorship or anarchy, and given our current state, one would have to say the odds are fifty fifty. The government that has evolved over the past two-hundred plus years cannot be trusted to ensure that the protections that were envisioned by the Founders for the individual will be forthcoming.
There is probably a large majority of citizens that would say that the position that is being presented is overblown, but that is only because they lack the full understanding of our Constitution, and have come to accept our current condition as normal, especially when one looks around the world at the state of other nations. We should not be comparing ourselves with these other nations; we have a Constitution that puts the power in the individual’s hand, not in the government’s hand. It’s not impossible to attain the objectives that were promised by our Constitution, but our representatives have so distorted the intent of our Constitution that it’s going to take a number of generations to get to a position that looks like its anywhere close to reflecting the principles that have been granted us in the Constitution.
Our political representatives are more interested in enhancing their power, and that of the Party they are affiliated with, and that means that they tend to support special interest that supply them with funds and votes, Most of these special interest groups expect the politicians to give them legislation that protects them from competition by other competitors. Our laws and regulations are busting at the seams with protections for these special interest groups.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a Federal agency that can find you guilty and confiscate your holdings, which is counter to our Constitution.
The problem with the IRS is that they have so many rules and regulations, that the personnel working in the agency can’t even tell the taxpayer what is correct.
We have a press and media that can make felonious accusations and attribute them to anonymous sources, and then suggest that they have the right to protect their sources, Whatever happened to the right of the individual to face his/her accuser, or even present concrete evidence to support the accusation. This tactic is being employed continually against the present administration on different members of the Presidents team,
We currently have a system that tells law enforcement officers to stand down and not arrest individuals that are breaking the law. Radical students are running some of our colleges, even threatening physical harm if they don’t get their way. Some of these actions are even being perpetrated at some of our Ivy League colleges.  
There are too many counter Constitutional actions by this Beast that has been created to cite here, but it’s clear that we are not following our Constitution. The electorate needs to wakeup if we are to avoid the two negative options that are right in front of us. Our military is fighting for the Constitution, if the politicians want to support the military, they can show it by supporting the Constitution.


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