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It appears there is a large segment of our population that does not know what true leadership looks like, that segment might find it worthwhile to take a closer look at the President’s actions related to the Paris’ Accord, they may also benefit by having a clearer understanding of the Nation’s Constitution. One can’t fault other nations for not understanding our Constitution, because none of them have a Constitution like ours.
The President made the correct move in pulling us out of the accord, in spite of urging from some of his cabinet and family members. The Paris Accord is a charade that has, in reality, a devious objective that has nothing to do with a clean environment or climate control, the cost of which is being burdened predominantly by the United States.
It’s time to dispel one major falsehood, that anyone with some ability to reason should have clearly understood that the forces that are pushing this program are shameful perpetrators’ of a scam, or totally clueless as to the basic requirements for the existence of life forms on this planet, Carbon dioxide (Co2) is not harmful, if we were to completely eliminate it we would cease to exist, and the thought of controlling the amount in our atmosphere to prevent global warming is highly improbable, given the vast number of variables, most of which are unknown. Anyone that thinks the human species is that smart has been drinking too much Kool-Aid.
The major scam is this concept of renewable energy, the pundits push this concept in some very deceitful ways, not that they are lying, but they are counting on most individuals coming up with an incorrect perception. One example of this is the renewable energy service has grown over three-hundred percent in the past four years; if they started out with one-hundred thousand KWh a year, now they are turning out three-hundred thousand KWh a year, which is a drop in the bucket when compared to fossil fuels, and the cost per KWh is much higher. The previous President said that the cost of our electricity would have to increase to accomplish his end game, but why do we have to use a more expensive form of energy, when we have a lot of other options that would reduce our cost even lower than it was at their lowest point in our history. Don’t use the figures given in the example above as factual; they are used only to express a general concept. There are many more tactics that are employed that seem to support renewable energy, and how it’s a benefit to our nation, but when one looks into the figures it becomes clear that this concept is not a benefit to our nation.
President Trump was incorrect when he stated that he was not in office to serve the Paris Accord, but to serve Pittsburgh, he should have said that he was serving the Nation, because the action he took will benefit the Nation.
The Paris Accord is designed to destroy a nation’s sovereignty, and it would undermine and nullify our Constitution, thankfully the President cannot make treaties or the previous President would have ratified the Paris Accord.
President Trump is taking a leadership role, but the pundits on the Left are not going to acknowledge this fact, because they are pushing a globes’ concept.
The Nation needs to be free to show that the principles that are enshrined in our Constitution are the principles that will move a Nation and its individual’s to more freedom and a better opportunity for the individual to achieve his/her position in life, or the individual’s dream, not the one that some government official is trying to force upon them. So maybe we can take a short pause and give some thanks for the President taking a leadership role in this critical area.
This does not mean that we should not continue to improve our environment when a problem is noted and a solution is at hand, There is a tendency in this climate control concept to pull a variety of unassociated problems together under one heading, this amalgamation of problems that would be better addressed independently. 


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