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President Trump has to come to the realization that the Establishment is not going to be behind his programs, because they will take control away from the Establishment, and place it in the hands of the individual.
The Republican Party is no different than the other institution in the Establishment. Trump will have to develop a form of communication that will allow him to get the message across to the individual and politicians that these false backers are looking to deprive the citizen freedom of choice, this may move some Republicans to function as servants of the electorate.
A major portion for Trump, the Republican Party does not want to see the President succeed, so they are slow walking the health-care program by approaching it as a comprehensive program, in an effort to protect their special interest groups, and consume more time with debates.
This approach will delay the acceptance of the program during this Congressional session, which will have a negative impact on the development of the budget.
There are a few specific problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible. A prime area in this group is the Deep State that runs through all of the institutions that are in the Establishment, it functions like a shadow government that employs a wide variety of tactics to disrupt any system that does not conform to its objective, which is not clear at this point, but it’s not a system that is compatible with our Constitution.
One method, in variety of forms used to find leakers wanting to disrupt the government is to pass on to a suspected leaker information that is only known by the originator and the individual receiving the information.
The President may have used this common tactic to out Comey as a leaker by having a one on one communication with Comey, and not sharing the content with any other person, and when it came out in the Press, Trump took action to remove Comey from his position in the FBI.
This is not a statement suggesting that this is what happened, but its one method that is used to out leakers of information. A concentrated effort should be made to remove every leaker in the administration, and to expose them when the leaking is motivated for political reasons. Another area of concentration should be our educational system, which should be removed completely from the Federal government, and put back in the hands of local school districts.
The only thing the Federal, state, or county should be doing is compiling data on systems that are achieving positive outcomes, and disseminating this information to the local school systems, but not as a directive to follow any system.
Our schools need to get back to education and away from indoctrination, which should not be allowed in our educational system.
If politics is covered it should cover the pluses and minuses of all political systems.
If teachers can’t give a fare and objective presentation of all political systems, then maybe they should not be teaching the subject.
The administration needs to push back on the Left’s actions that are continually blocking its efforts to improve our economy.
The Left needs to be thrown of balance, in a constructive manner, to point out the harmful actions that are pulling our country apart,
Mr. President, most of the powers around the world, and within this country are going to oppose your actions because they will tend to weaken other systems, if this country is put in a position that will enable it to realize its potential.
This is already being expressed by China, Russia, and many nation states that are pushing the globes’ concept. It appears that you are presenting positions that are more aligned with our Constitution, and that is something the ruling class will not tolerate.


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