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One would think that there would be a point where the public would start to look at what is happening to our country in a rational way, but it would appear that reason requires too much of an effort for many of our citizens. It’s easier to pick an ideology or political Party, and to go along with its narrative. To get a true understanding of what is happening one has to gain some altitude to get away from the noise that is being generated by the various participants.
We often make the mistake of generalizing, especially when there are a number of variables involved, this trend tends leads to incorrect conclusions. Political Party’s are not harmonious in their thinking, but many people think they know what their Party stands for, or what its trying to accomplish, this is a false perception of one’s political Party. The same can be said to the wide range of governing political ideologies. Both major Political Parties have various elements of some governing ideologies within the Party, and these elements do not remain constant throughout time, as a result there is a migration of membership from one Party to another, but there is still some dissatisfaction with the new Party.
At the present time there are two extremes vying for power that are radical and diametrically opposed to each other. One is suggesting that the government should control what happens in our culture, while the other suggests that government should have a very limited impact on the individual’s life, The former position has, for the most part, been the predominant position for most of our history, but our Founders intended the latter position to be the Nation’s objective.
This past election has given the Nation a President that appears to want to move in the direction that the Founders envisioned for the country, but a very larger portion of the Establishment is opposing this trend, because it would lessen its power. There is a large portion of the citizenry that view the position that the President is attempting to initiate a move that would free them from the yoke of a government that is becoming too oppressive.
There is a real fear that the President will be able to reverse a portion of the power acquisition that has taken the Establishment over two hundred years to acquire, and in doing so it will show that the Founders had presented us with a system that would catapult our culture far ahead of the other nations around the world, This is a picture the Establishment does not want the public to see, so its pulling out all the stops to thwart the President’s objectives.
The Founders knew that they were giving us a system that went against the grain of human behavior, but it was a viable system if the public was educated and responsible for one’s actions; the very things we have failed to instill in our citizenry, to any great extent. On the other hand our government has become very efficient at getting the populous to function at an emotional level, to blame others for their condition, and completely remove rational thinking from our educational system.
There appears to be an awakening of the some of the populous to the manipulations being conducted by the Establishment; one can only hope that this awakening is not too late, and that it grows quickly. We need to send a message that we are not here for them, but that they are here for us, which has not been true for most of our history.
Let’s replace those representatives that are more interested in their power than is our freedom, regardless of their Party affiliation, and send a message to those currently in office that what they are doing now will be remembered come election time, and half hearted support will not be considered favorably.
Stay in session until the initial work is done, and don’t look for a comprehensive plan, it should be viewed as a work in progress, the way many things have occurred in our culture over the past two-hundred years.


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