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It’s that time of the year that most people regard as a party time for welcoming in the summer, looking forward to some good cookouts. Our culture appears to have forgotten the real significance of this day, which is the fact that this is the day on which we declared our independence from the Crown in 1774. The thirteen colonies got to work drafting a Constitution for the new union, which took some time because our civilization did not have the means of transportation and communication that we have today; the only group that appears to hold on to the old system is our government. The Congress may work three days a week, take long holiday breaks, and closes down for extended periods of time, one may get the impression that it is trying to imitate the conditions that existed at the time of our founding.
Our Nation is in a fight for its life, and it appears that there are a lot of Americans that have no concept of just what makes our Nation so radically different than all other nations around the world. The populous is showing some concerns, but it’s not over the real issues, which are the principles that make our Constitution unique. Instead their attention is directed toward the negative impacts that are a result of not applying the Constitution’s basic primary principles.
There is nothing wrong with celebrating this day, but if you want to continue to celebrate this day keep in mind that there are forces that are looking to make our Constitution meaningless, which means that eventually your freedoms will be eliminated, so don’t be stupid; walk-up and beat back the threat to our freedom. These forces have been eating away at our freedoms for centuries, inch by inch. Read the Constitution as it was initially presented, including the first ten Amendments. It is important that the Declaration of Independence be included when assessing the basic principles of the Constitution. Warning: pay any attention to the politicians and pundits when they tell you what our Constitution stands for, because most of them don’t have the slightest idea of what it stands for.
If individuals would take the time to weed out the basic principles of the Constitution, and then apply them to the laws that govern us today, they would be astonished by the incompatibility that exists between the basic principles and our laws. Our system has been corrupted by the politicians and the special interest groups that they support. The United States prides itself on having a free and fair capitalistic system, but this is a falsehood that has been repeated for generations. Companies and special interest groups pay the politicians to give them special consideration that are not necessarily based on merit. The term “pay” is used as a generalized term, it need not be made in cash. In the end it usually means that the taxpayer get hit for the gift that our Politicians are giving out. The Green energy projects are just one good example of a bill of goods that the government has been selling to the Public and the Global Warming scam another program that is doing damage to the Nation. Just these two programs have led to a massive amount of regulations, increased the requirements for more people in government positions to manage these program, which unnecessarily adds a cost to the product, and/or the taxpayer.
It should be clear to anyone that our representatives are not following at least two basic principle that are essential basic principles, which are: maximum freedom for the individual, and limited need for government, but there are other basic principles that have also been distorted.
What we need is a rebirth of our Deliration of Independence, but that is going to be difficult given the mess our elected representatives have made of our system.
All of our elected representatives take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but it’s doubtful that there are more than five percent of them have any idea of what the Constitution stands for, and apply it when making their decisions. Let’s put some extra thought into the true meaning of this day, and move to make the day a reality.


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