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There is a lot of talk about the President’s tweeting and how its interfering with the programs that he is trying to initiate; there are a number of pundits that have suggest that the tweets are a clear indication that he’s not fit to be President. People really need to take into account where almost all of the criticism is coming from: the progressive Left and the Establishment that does not want the current inefficient and costly system to be abolished. The reader should keep this important fact in mind as the following perspective is presented, The fact that Trump was not going to function the way almost all of our previous politicians have, including Presidents was made clear from the very beginning, but he still managed to be elected to the presidency in spite of all the opposition he received from the Progressive Left, the media, and the Establishment, all of which viewed him as a real threat to their objectives, Don’t believe the position that he did not win the popular vote, if all the illegal votes were thrown out, it would be clear that the popular vote would have gone to him as well.
There are some important points to note about President Trump’s style: if he is addressed respectfully, he responds respectfully; if he’s attacked on a personal level, he will respond to the individual or group in the same fashion as the attack was presented, but in a more obnoxious manner, which most politicians don’t do, they prefer a passive aggressive approach, It might also be instructive to note how he functions with people that communicate respectfully, but have no intention of really working with the President; he will push forward with his program without their assistance, but this is accomplished in a respectful manner.
The President is dealing with his opponents in the same way they deal with him, and this exposes their shortcomings to the general public; they are not use to having a politician come back at them with their own tactics, and this exposure is beginning to have a negative impact on these opposing forces, that’s why they are working so hard to get him to stop tweeting, It’s not the President that has the thin skin, it’s his opponents that can’t take what they dishing out, There are a number of people that are enjoying the show, but this viewpoint will not be presented by the forces that oppose him. The opposing forces could stop his tweeting attacks tomorrow by showing some respect for the Office of the Presidency and addressing the problems of the Nation in a constructive manner.
The biggest problem his opponents have is that there is no room for compromise, because the outcome that each side is working for are diametrically opposed. This position would suggest that there will be a continuation of the tactics that are being employed. If this perspective is correct, it would suggest that the President is rational, and it might behoove his opponents to reflect on their state of mind.
There is an old saying that most people are familiar with: “Do unto others, as you would have them to do unto you.” This can be taken two ways, and the President is reacting to the forms of communications that are presented to him.
If a woman enters into these personal attacks, she should not expect to receive any special consideration’ if she was a respectful lady, she would not enter into the fray. President Trump has expressed that he would rather function like many of us expect from a President, but he allows the individual to set the tone after his initial encounter.
This approach has another advantage, it sends a message to world leaders that he does not play games, This brings up another point, the question of him changing his mind, He is doing what any rational leader would do as more information becomes available, or a situation changes, he modifies his position. There are many of the President’s supporters that have no problem with his tweeting. The reader may find that this perspective deserves some further consideration.


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