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There is a lot of discussion about the various political styles that are vying for positions within our current political culture, this presentation will try to explain what is occurring, but the reader will have to suspend the belief that the terms that are being used represent a pure concept.  The Progressive Left at its extreme level is in favor of government being in charge of all aspects of an individual’s rights, and believes that the government knows what is best for the individual. To be fair, one could say that about all the current styles of governance that reflect this position to some degree. The problem is that they all go counter to our Decoration of Independence and Constitution.
The extreme Progressive Left makes no bones about their position, they are Globalist, that don’t recognize the sovereignty of nation states, and would make our Constitution irrelevant. Most people think that this is a relatively new phenomenon but it has been  working its way into our culture for almost three generations by infiltrating many of the political systems that we have accepted as normal  for a good part of our history, The Democrat Party was a willing host for this movement, which now reflects the movement’s position. Many Democrats are asking what has happened to their Party, and they are leaving the Party that has been co-opted by the Progressive far Left.
The Progressive Left has managed to infiltrate all the various institutions of our culture, and the one institution that opposes it, is in fact adding it because of the many destructive practices it has employed over generations, and it’s clear that the Republican Party is not going to change its behavior.
The current President appears to be trying to move the country back to the principles that our Nation was founded on, and that is the only thing that can destroy the forms of governance that have been with us since the very beginning.
All these institutions are reluctant to give up the power that they have accumulated over the centuries. The electorate has been brainwashed over the years to think that the government is giving them something, but the government has nothing to give, unless it takes it from someone else, and the cost far exceeds the benefit, when one considers the bureaucracy that has developed to manage the programs.
It’s not as though the electorate is unaware of the games that the politicians play, but they are reluctant to let go of the golden ring, and in the end it’s that illogical greed that is going to enslave them. The Nation should be able to get by with thirty percent of the bureaucracy, but they can’t let go of that golden ring.  
If the President is sincere about the intent of the direction he wants to take the county in, then he should receive all the support we can give him, as long as he tries to move in that direction. It’s doubtful that he will be able to accomplish all of his stated goals, given the opposition he’s going to receive from the Establishment.
One good example of the resistance is being expressed by the Republicans when they complained that they could not repeal the Affordable Care Act, because they did not have the House; their next excuse was that they did not have the Senate, and then the Presidency, Now it’s that they were not ready because they did not think Trump was going to win the Presidency, Now it’s that they want to put it off till after the next election, because they are concerned about the impact it will have on the special interest groups that support them.
The Republican Party has spoken out clearly, that they are not out to help the individual with a wide range of options for healthcare, because  it will have a negative impact on the special interest groups that they support.
The electorate really needs to question if they want to continue to put in representatives that do not represent the individual.


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