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It’s time to put the Left’s and the Establishment’s plan to delegitimize Trump’s position as President to bed, The plan is worthy of a CIA or military psyop’s maneuver to disrupt a government, and it’s so convoluted that the whole truth is not easily discernible.
There have been at least six or seven people in the media that have contributed enough information that would allow an analysts to strongly suggest that most of the problems that the Trump Presidency is experiencing is being created to make Trump’s administration look like its involved with the Russian government.
 The real intent is to make Russia appear to be more involved with helping Trump attain the Presidency, but this is not the correct picture.
It’s highly unlikely that Putin would favor Trump over Clinton, but he would be interested in trying to get as much information as possible on both candidates, so that he would have some idea of how he could influence the eventual winner, so it’s clear that he would do his best to infiltrate our system, but the same could be said about any number of nations that had the capability to hack into our systems, Putin cannot be trusted to tell the truth, but when he said that he had nothing to do with the information that was being put out on the Internet about Clinton, there is a strong possibility that he is telling the truth in this one area, when one considers Podesta’s action related to a fishing expedition.
It would be impossible to portray this convoluted plan that is being conducted by the Progressive Left and the Establishment, but the highlights can be cited, and when the reader can make the connections of all the highlights they will be able to come to a conclusion that is quite different than the one being presented by the media.
Highlights; James Comey; Special Investigative Comity to find where the problems are in our system; Loretta Lynch; Cloud Strike; Ex. MI-6; agent; John McCain; the Russian woman that was not a member of the Russian government at the time that she become involved with these actions to disrupt Trump’s Presidency and any
cooperation that could have been arrived at with Putin; Obama’s administration’s contributions enabling the Russian woman to stay in country; and Fusion GPS.
When you have made the connection of all these highlights, the reader will come up with a far different conclusion than what’s being presented by the mainstream Media, but you will have to take into consideration the time line and the additional objective that was added to the plan at a later date.
Now might be a good time the revisit the old saying “Where there’s smoke, there must be fire”, but there is an alternative that is being overlooked, and that’s the method of starting a fire when you don’t have a flame. And that’s called the friction method, a system that every Boy Scout learns, and evidently the one the Progress Left and the Establishment are currently employing, but they are staying true to form and diverting our attention from the real reason for the smoke, it’s their efforts to start a fire where there is none. Maybe someone should tell them that they need the correct material to start a fire, not wet kindling.
There has been no effort by the current administration to collude with the Russians to deprive Clinton of the Presidency, and Trump Jr. does not even come close to falling into the collusion category.
Let’s take a closer look at the definitions for collusion. Collusion involves the cooperation of two or more parties to act in a act in an illegal manner to deprive a third party of their rights, Putting this aside the term does not apply to the political conditions that it is being attached to, and if it did, one cannot infer what a party is going to do with the information they receive, so this collusion ploy is not going to go anywhere, so there is no need for this Special Investigative Comity, unless they plan to investigate the actions that were taken by the Left as highlighted above, and that’s very doubtful.


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