For Your Consideration: Republican Death Knell

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It would appear that the Republican Party is looking to follow the Democratic Party into the void. The politicians are thinking the current political environment is the same as all the past political environments, but they are making a big mistake if they are counting on the electorate forgetting about many of the falsehoods they have employed to attain their positions. These politicians are going to find that our culture is going through a political sea change, and it’s highly unlikely that the country will treat this environment the same as past political environments. It’s not clear at this point what it will look like at the other end, but it does not bode well for the two primary political parties.
The two primary political parties are going to need every cent they can get their hands on from the special interest groups that they are working for, because the electorate is leaving these parties in droves, even if this fact is not evident by looking at the roles, One gets the impression that the electorate is more interested in electing representatives that are going to address the problems the country is faced with. Most of the current crop of politicians have shown that they are not concerned with the plight of the individual, and this will lead to a movement that will seek out representatives that take positions that will enhance the individual’s freedom, This movement should lead to bringing back the relevance of our Constitution, which has been so distorted that it’s no longer recognizable.
There is no point in assigning a label to this movement, it’s a reflection of the basic undertones that our Nation was built on, which our educational system has been trying to eradicate from our culture for at least two generations.
The force that’s being exhibited by this movement appears to be growing rapidly, and one gets the impression that this is not going to be a movement with a short life.
There is some speculation that the Democratic Party is going to benefit from the dissatisfaction with the Republican Party, but the electorate does not want what either of the parties are presenting them with, so they will run candidates in the Republican Party to displace the Establishment candidate, in much the same way as President Trump.
If the movement approaches this problem rationally it will concentrate on replacing those politicians that show the strongest opposition to any changes in the current system, and preferably selecting individuals in positions of power,
The electorate seems to be paying more attention to politics than it has in the past, and the emphasis has been centered on the real critical issues that the Nation’s facing, and not on the Party as has been the case in the past.
The electorate also seems to be learning that it cannot depend on the news or information that is received from the media, they are learning that it’s more important to concentrate on the topic and think of actions that would lead to better results than we are currently getting. If we haven’t learned by now that polls are designed to shape our opinions, and not to reflect them, then we still have a problem in that area.
The perspective that has been presented may be incorrect, but the answer will only come over time.
The current movement does appear to have legs, and the President does appear to be helping this movement’s efforts to come to fruition.


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