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There is a lot of talk about the President’s negative tweets about the Attorney General, related to his recusal to getting involved with the actions dealing with the Russian connection and what involvement they may have had in influencing the outcome of the Presidential election. The actions that took place when Sessions was appointed to the position were all put in place just before the transition of the Presidency from Obama to Trump, it was just one more land mine that Obama put in place before leaving office. The Attorney General was faced with the call for him to recues himself from being involved with any investigation related to Russian influence on the election, it’s unclear if the information he initially received was intentionally incorrect, or given without a full understanding of the options that were open to him. Sessions has shown that he is intent on supporting the President’s objectives as long as it can be accomplished within the rules of the Constitution. He has also made it clear that he understands the President’s concerns over his inability to put the opposition in a defensive position, which would relieve some of the pressures that he is receiving from the Progressive Left.
The Attorney General appears to have gotten the message, and is moving to attack the opposition through the backdoor; this will also tend to expose the Left’s methods for manipulating the political environment. This new approach that the Attorney General is using and the changes that have been made in the White House staff will put the administration in an offensive position, that should improve within a short period of time.
The electorate should get a fair impression within the next six months as to how effective the new approach is by the reduction of leaks, and the defensive moves that the Progressive Left is taking, The observer should not expect any slowdown in the activity, on the contrary one should expect to see a lot more activity given the depth of the Deep State, and the continued resistance that that will be applied by the Establishment, All the forces that are aligned against the President’s objectives are going to double-down on their efforts to derail the President’s agenda, but the fact that Sessions had finally gotten the message, and the appointment of John Kelly as the new White House Chief or Staff portend a very interesting six months.  
There have been a number of suggestions presented by supporters of Trump’s objectives that don’t get the exposure they should, because the media does not want the President to consider the application of these suggestions. Fortunately there are a number of media outlets that are not aligned with the mainstream media that are trying to get these suggestions out to the public to stimulate discussions on the pros and cons of the suggestions. If the electorate is in favor of the objectives of this administration they should participate in the movement by advancing suggestions that will have a positive impact on the administrations objectives.


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