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The solution for resolving the problems related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are simple, but the actions that are need to be taken may not be received well by a large portion of the Establishment, because it will be forced to take actions that are counter to its objectives. The first thing the President needs to do is to remove the carve-outs the government workers have gotten, which would mean that they would have to function under the same rules that the individual has to live with. When this group feels the bane this system is placing on the average person, which would also include Congressional members that signed-up for the ACA this will make repealing the Act more endurable.
Once the ACA is removed all the restrictions will be removed from the general public and the government’s employees; lifting this yoke from the private sector employers will stimulate growth within the private sector. This will have the added effect of increasing the opportunity of being able to establish a fifteen percent tax rate at the lower end.
Another benefit that is overlooked is the fact that all the government agencies will be freed from the burden of complying with all the requirements that the ACA has placed on these agencies, which could lead to a reduction in manning for some of these agencies. There is also the savings that would be realized by not having to bailout insurance companies and government workers. The savings should be sufficient enough to cover individuals that cannot be covered by the normal range of heal care insurance policies, especially the removal of those individuals that were added to the mix during the Obama’s administration.
The second phase would be to approve a Bill that has been drafted to take health care out of the hands of the Federal government and turn it over to each of the individual fifty states, this would be more in line with our Constitution, and would make the system more responsive to the needs of the individuals in their state. This would enable us to have a laboratories in each of the fifty states that would be working on various programs to enhance their health care system, and if there was something in another state that proved to be better than what a state is utilizing at any given time, then that system could be integrated into its system. Another big ad advantage is that that our representatives at the state level will be more responsive to the electorate, rather than the special interest groups that are currently catered to at the Federal level.
This can all be accomplished in a very short period of time, if the President took the actions he needs to take, and if the Governors of each of the states got behind this move.  The electorate should start to pressure their Governors and state representatives to get behind this move. We don’t need a program that treats all people the same, the more options the individual has the better the system will be, and we don’t need to develop a comprehensive plan at the start, The states can initiate a system that they feel works for them, and it can be continually modified to meet the needs of the individuals in their state, and what’s nice about that is the fact that the electorate can play an important part in the development.
This could mean the end of the single payer system, and K Street making it more difficult for the lobbyist to control the outcome of the individual’s health care.  


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