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The truth is not always easy to discern, especially if the topic presented with slight distortions over the period. A prime example of this form of distortion is the act of repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but the truth cam be made evident overtime if reason is applied during various periods.
The ACA has been front and center since it was passed unanimously by the Democrats, and no Republican votes, The Republicans have been promising to repeal the ACA through five election periods, gaining control of the House, then the Senate, and eventually the Presidency. The electorate gave the Republicans what they needed to repeal the ACA, This clean sweep happened at all levels of government, in spite of the fact that the media continually presented the ACA as being very popular with the electorate, a clear contradiction to the message that the electorate was sending. The first truth is that the Forth Estate was presenting a false narrative to the public, which was made evident by the gains that were made by Republicans at all levels of government.
The ACA was designed to fail and turned into a single payer program, which would have made it incompatible with the basic principles of our Constitution.
When the Republicans gamed control over the House and Senate they would send repeal Bills to the President, which h he would veto. Even though the Bills only had one or two dissenters each time, they never had enough votes to over-ride the President’s veto,
After eight years and five elections the Republicans finally got all that they had been asking for, but they really never thought that they would really be able to enact a repeal, they believed the falsehood that the media had been putting out for all of the past years, they completely ignored the fact that the electorate did not want the program they were forced to take,’
The Republicans have made it clear that they had no real intention of repealing the ACA, they had at least seven years to come up with a system to replace the ACA and give the public a system that could be tailored to the needs of the individual and cover those individuals that a program could not support, but this would have required them to make decisions that might conflict with their maintaining power, or having the media making them look like the bad guys because they repealed the ACA. If it’s not evident by now that the Establishment political parties do not have the individual’s best interest at heart, then there has got to be something seriously wrong with their ability to face facts.
The public keeps hearing that’s not how the political system works, but that’s the problem, it does not work, figuratively or literally, the system does not work, nor do our political representatives. The time has come to hold our representatives accountable, we should be putting representatives in office that are looking to create a cultural environment that enables the individual freedom to move vertically and horizontally in our cultural environment depending on the individual’s abilities and drive, and not to any other category that we have been assigning individuals to, for far too long a period.
Repealing the ACA is not an action that belongs to the Republicans, nor to President Trump, if the facts are looked at clearly, one can only come to the conclusion that it’s the electorate that is dissatisfied with the ACA, that’s a palpable truth.


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