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The electorate is actively engaged in disrupting our form of government and culture, but they are unaware of what they are doing, because most individuals have a tendency to think within boxes, without looking at the interconnections. The prime forces behind this activity came to the realization, in the late 30’s and early 40’s, that their approach to nullify our Constitution would take time, because it involved conditioning the population, They realized that a large portion of the population had many of the principles of our Constitution ingrained in their personalities, which meant that they would have to eradicate those principles and negate the individual’s ability to critically analyze a course of action, all of which would take a great deal of time. It would mean that many of our institutions would have to be controlled by these forces, the three primary areas were the media, the political parties, and our educational system, most of which has been accomplished within the past three generations.
A good example of how these forces are working to disrupt our system can be found in the recent attempt to remove anything that symbolized slavery or the Civil War, if one were to embrace this concept, it would have the potential to undermine our Constitution, which is the ultimate goal of these disruptive forces.
These symbols need to remain in place, they can be an instructive example of our past, presenting both the good and bad of our history, but more than that they can be an excellent vehicle for rationally evaluating the various meaning behind these symbols, and the prime reason, which is frequently the one being assigned to it by the disrupters. Most of our problems arise out of the failure to comply with the primary principle of our Constitution, and that’s a fact that the power is suppose to rest with the individual, this fact has been ignored from the beginning of our Nation, and those seeking power have been eroding the individual’s freedom at the outset.
The conflict has devolved to a point that it’s a choice between Bolshevism and Fascisms neither of which can exist within the framework of our Constitution. It’s hard to believe that a major portion of the electorate would chose to live under either of these dictatorial systems, and yet that’s exactly what they are asking for when they allow these forces to manipulate them into a position that supports the abolishment of the principles that support the structure of our Constitution.
There are a number of signs that the electorate can look for that will suggest that there is a good possibility that you are being manipulated, they are: a restriction to just two possibilities; painting all members of a major group as being of one mind; the reasoning relies on emotional terms, rather than reason; a tendency to create groups that are presented as victims; make suggestions that the government can resolve your problems ; there is never a suggestion that will enable the individual to resolve a problem. Finally everything is designed to lead one to believe that our Constitution is the bane of our existence. Neither of these two forces or the Establishment will tell you that most of our problems come from the fact that we have failed to apply the principles that reside in our Constitution; they distort the fact that the things that have created our problems are not really a reflection of our Constitutional principles.
The conditions that have been allowed to develop over time have produced an environment that has a strong possibility of throwing our country into a turmoil that we have not experienced internally since our Civil War. Normally, we would discount any talk of a takeover of our government, because of the oaths that government officials take at all levels of government, but when many of their action reflect a complete disregard for the oath; this fact should create concern over the state of the Nation.
Given the inroads by the radical Left into so many of our institutions, it would seem rational to give some credence to the concept of a Deep State, but the efficiency of this concept can only be viewed from a speculative point of view. 


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