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There are times in a culture’s history that the population has to take a realistic assessment of its condition, and it would appear that we may well be at that point. To accomplish this task, it’s essential that cloaks are removed from the elements that need to be assessed, which is going to be very unsettling, because it will lead to a conclusion that does not conform to the perception of many citizens.
The phrase, “Useful idiots” is frequently attached to Lenin, but it was also used by Stalin. The general concept was to get a population to buy into the concept that government could supply the individual with his/her needs regardless of their ability to pay for the need. This concept was not new; it had been applied by the Pilgrims, when they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. The communal system almost destroyed the settlement; the communal system was quickly replaced with a capitalistic system the following year. The point is that you are not going to work for something if you end up getting the same share as those that work for it.
For the most part, if Communism is applied to a nation state in its pure form it will fail; the type that works is where some modified form of Capitalism is melded into the system. Lenin and Stalin viewed individuals that accepted this Utopian view as being useful idiots, because they would enlist other individuals into this communal system. Idiots is the correct term for these individuals, because they fail to understand the ultimate goal of the system, and that’s to give the state complete control over the life of individuals, and those that do not conform are sent to indoctrination centers of eliminated..
The scope of useful idiots needs to be expanded when it’s applied to the cultural and political environment of the United States (US), but the basic principles remain; these basic principles are used to establish Communism in its purest form, they are: ignoring the threat that it represents; supporting programs that will enable Communism to gain control over the citizenry; present these programs as being beneficial to the general public; programs are designed to undermine our Constitution. As noted, the Communist have made major inroads into most of our institutions, they are making a strong push at this time, because the current President appears to be wanting to take actions that are more aligned with the Constitution’s basic principles, this would be a big setback for the Communist.
The Communist organization knew that they would have to infiltrate one of the two established political parties and they decided that the Democratic Party had more views that could be used to supplant the US Constitution. This integration has been going on for almost eighty years, but it’s only in the past ten years that it has become more apparent. A Democrat representative from the mid-fifties or early sixties would look like a right-wing Republican today. That might tell you something about how far the Republicans have moved to the left.
An observer should not be surprised at the number of people that are leaving the established political parties because they have moved too far from their core principles. Many of the Republicans that are still holding on are only doing so to try and replace those representatives that have abandoned the Party’s core principles. Fortunately, Fascists have no control over the Republican Party, even though they have associate themselves with the Party.
Observers need to pay close attention to the actions of their representatives to see if they are moving us in a direction that is in line with the U.S. Constitution; there is a strong possibility that more often than not they will be undermining our Constitution, and they should be classified as useful idiots. Do you really think that this perspective is unrealistic? If your answer is yes, you may want to ask yourself the following questions: Where did this political correct speech come from; When did it become acceptable to destroy public and private property as a form of protest; Who the blazes gave a small group of people the authority to removes or change symbols of our Nation’s past; When did protecting demonstrators by law enforcement depend on what the political party was; and why is hate speech applied to only one political party? This is an extremely small sample of a multiplicity of questions that should be asked. If your answer is still yes, then the Communist will bless you for being a member of their legion of useful idiots.


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