For Your Consideration: The DACA Tell

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It would appear the Establishment Republicans think the electorate did not get all the previous messages, (tells), so they thought they would send one more. The latest tell is related to their position on DACA, it would be nice if the Party just came out and said that they are not interested in supporting the President’s programs, because they will hurt the Party’s objectives.\, which are not the same as the President’s, or that of the general public.
It appeared most Congressional Republicans were against Obama’s DACA program when he established it by Executive Order (EO) in June of 2012. They contested it on the grounds that changes to the immigration laws fell within0 Congresses purview, but they chose not to oppose the EO in the judicial system.
 There were a number of Republicans that went beyond the Congressional aspect, suggesting that a majority of these DACA illegal immigrants were not qualified to remain in country, but now that the President appears to be leaning towards resending the EO, with some time limitations. Now the Republicans are crawling out from under the rocks to defend DACA, but it’s not because they are concerned about the immigrant children, they are concerned about how the loss of this program is going to impact the special interest groups that are benefiting from these illegal immigrants.
If the reader is interested in where the hard-line Progressive Left falls on this program, all you have to do is read or look at any number of main-stream media outlets and you will see that the Left is in favor of the DACA program. This shoots down the concept that the Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything.
They have no problem in coming to an agreement if it allows them to keep their power, and their burdensome and inefficient bureaucratic system that undermines our Constitution.
To ensure that the reader gets the full scope of talking points, which the Progressive Left calls reasoning, it’s recommended that the reader go to a number of mainstream media outlets to ensure that they are getting all the positive arguments for keeping DACA. It’s doubtful that the reader will find any negative points in these outlets, unless it’s to distort the negative position, and that reasoning will have a negative impact on our Constitution.
Our immigration laws need to be revised, but this task should be accomplished in a way that will give results that bring the Nation back to the basic principles that are the structure of our Constitution. We should stop all immigration, and concentrate on deporting all illegal immigrants, and immigrants that have broken other laws unrelated to entering the country illegally.
People that have entered the country illegally or overstayed their visa should be made to leave the country and come back in the same way that legal immigrants enter the country. This is a huge task, and it needs a lot of thought.


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