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Recently President Trump engaged in a deal with the Denigrate Speakers of the House and Senate, to fast track relief funds for the damage inflicted by hurricane Harvey. This move disturbed the many Republicans, because it eliminated the opportunity to put off taking any actions until after the election at the end of 2018, a clear indication that they were not interested in passing the President’s programs this year. The initial amount requested was m small enough to ensure that another request would have to be made in another three months. This action accomplished two important things: It ensured that we would not be putting in more than was needed, that would eventually get lost in the system and being applied to something that had nothing to do with hurricanes; The other aspect is that it will require a number of small requests, which will have the ability to initiate what the Republican Party intended to do.

The action the President took should be of no surprise to the Republican Party, because Trump has been sending the Party strong messages for some time, so there is no reason that they should have been caught flatfooted. The Party may not have perceived the fact that the President could get the Democrat Party to work with him, but the Democrats jumped at the opportunity to block an action that the Republican Party was counting on.

This move made by the President accomplished more than blocking the Republican Party, it tore down the wall that the Democrats had built to oppose Trump’s administration, they can no longer use the langue that they have employed in the past.

Now we have a situation that both Parties will have to try to comply with many of Trump’s programs as a result of pressures from the electorates of both Parties that don’t’ abide by their parties’ positions.

Trump has been confounding the mainstream media and the Establishment political parties from the very beginning.

It would appear that he is in a position that will allow him to accomplish the goals, and in spades.

The political environment has been going through a number of changes during the past three weeks that are favoring the President’s position, the question is can he hold this position and maximizes the benefit of the position.

The next three months are going to be very interesting, and may well predict what the next three years will look like.


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