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In reality, this is a critique on weather, and the impact it has on many aspects of our lives, and how we add to or reduce the negative impacts. This brief description entails more information than can be provided in this article. Hopefully, the reader will have a new perspective on weather after the reading.
There are some truths that should be accepted on faith initially, but should be over time to have a very close relationship to the truth. Every weather event is unlike any past event, to make a direct comparison to another even is a mistake, because the environment is in continual flux; a simple rain storm can be just as catastrophic as a category 5 hurricane depending on their location and the environment they are operating in; weather is not static, it’s in a dynamic condition that is in continual flux that interacts with all the adjacent weather systems.
Some illustrations may help. Irma formed in the western Atlantic that had little activity, which enabled it to buildup water temperatures, allowing Irma to build up to a category 5, but its forward speed was also an important factor. While Irma was moving over this area it was changing the environment; this change impacted the growth of Jose, and these two hurricanes may have a negative impact on any hurricanes that develop and follow the same track, Many people that were reporting on the hurricanes implied that future weather systems would have the same environment that Irma encounter, a position that was totally incorrect.
There was so much misinformation given by the media that if an individual that tried to follow all of it would be putting their lives in jeopardy. The media was suggesting that people move from one cost to the other, when roads were already clogged, and most gas stations were closed and out of gas, One announcer said that there was a one-hundred percent certainly that Irma was going to go up the center or spine of Florida, so much for his prediction.
The models that the  weather people were following were jumping all over the place, just one more indication that the National Weather Bureau really can’t account for all the variables that control our weather, and they \or the media should not imply otherwise is a mistake, which gives the impression of certainty.
Any weather event that creates a major disruption to our normal functions needs to be used to evaluate what actions need to be taken to reduce or eliminate those negative impacts on our system.
There have been some efforts to improve response time and building requirements, but for the most part they are limited, and tend to be the kinds of things that windup as legislation. Some communities that receive debilitating weather events frequently are fortunate enough to have individuals that are ready to respond in a positive way, but most of this information resides in the individual.
Building codes can be a hindrance, because most structures are designed to be obsolete long, requiring continual maintenance, The insurance companies are in with this program, if you used any other method other than the ones prescribed by the building code you may be voiding your contract.
What is needed is a group of concerned citizens that are interested in improving the survivability, and rapid recovery of the community. The information that is collected should be documented in a book, but not applied as a strict guideline. There are a wide range of topics that can be addressed by this group, and the topics that are covered should never be considered closed.
There are many aspects that have not been included in the topics presented here, but the reader can fill in those items that have not been included.
There is much more to be said about hurricanes, so stay tuned for some historical background.


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