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It’s no wonder that there is confusion over the symbols that many of us hold in high esteem, but we don’t confuse the symbolism with the state of the Nation as it is today. The respect is a firm belief that the basic principles that are enshrined in our Constitution are the ideals that we want to foster and preserve. We show our deep respect to our military personnel that have put themselves in harm’s way to protect our Nation from foreign and domestic threats. Many citizens make the mistake of blaming our military for getting us into wars, but the blame needs to be place on the politicians and others in the Establishment that are looking to profit from a conflict.
The people that are showing disrespect towards these symbols are looking at the Nation that is still full of flaws and these flaws need to be addressed, but the corrections need to be made guided by the basic principles in our Constitution. Some of the solutions that are being offered by both the Left and Right are impractical and are not in line with the basic principles of our Constitution.
There is a strong possibility that if individuals really understood our Constitution that they would not have a very high opinion of the state of the Nation.
There’s a massive amount of work to do to bring the Nation back to the goals our Founders set for us, but we have continually gone in the opposite direction. The right direction is easy to explain, but a difficult thing to achieve, because it requires the individual to be fully involved in the process, and accept responsibility for their actions.  
There are a number of foresees that have been working from the very beginning of our Nation to move us in a direction that is diametrically opposed to the basic principles of our Constitution, and gain power over the individual, which is where our Constitution places the power.
All of these activities lead to a dictatorship of one kind or another. Currently, it would appear that the predominate force is Communism, and it has managed to mask its movement by suggesting that it’s in favor of something good for the people, which in fact its not. The Federal government continues to grow and insert itself into areas of the individual’s life where it has no right to according to our Constitution.
The latest attempt to undermine our Constitution is the insertion of protests that have been showing up in the NFL games, but there is a way to bring that movement to a halt. Ray Lewis has made a suggestion that before the Anthem begins that the team should come out and drop to both knees to pray that our Nation work to resolve the injustices that exist in our culture, and then stand and place hands over heart during the playing of the anthem. This presents an excellent opportunity to highlight the dichotomy between the two positions, but it also displays the true condition of our cultural environment. This action would have a reverse reaction than the one intended by those looking to undermine our Constitution.
Citizens really need to understand the basic principles that are the structure of our Constitution, and not get lost in the verbiage that the detractors throw out to divert your attention from their real objective, which is to eliminate our Constitution.
The individual needs to know and understand what makes our Constitution so unique from any other form of government, so they can fight efforts by others to take away an individual’s rights. Once the individual understands the basic principles they will be able to see how they are being manipulated by those seeking to gain power that really belongs to the individual.


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