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It would appear that our culture has finally reached the point that science fiction had predicted would happen, because it has come to fruition, and there’s s every indication that we are embracing the concept. This would lead one to believe that the general public is oblivious to the dangers we are faced with as a result of the interconnections that exist with many of our institutions, some of which are by consent, but there is a considerable amount of information that is also stolen, We read or hear about these things, almost on a daily bases, but we don’t make the connections that would indicate what the threat is, or how we are being manipulate by these various institution.
To add to the problem, many of these institutions that are collecting information are not very careful about protecting the information that they have accumulated, and that information is ending up in the hands of nations that are looking to do us harm. The general public should learn how to reduce the information institutions are receiving, There is no way that the individual can do anything about the information that’s already in the system, but we can reduce the information they gather to find out what are likes and dislikes are, this behavioral information is used to manipulate our thinking and behavior, and as time goes by they get more information and their computer programs get better.
Our government has shown that it cannot be trusted with the information it has collected, and the amount is far greater than the population thinks it is. This information has been used by the IRS to harass individuals and groups that are opposing the Deep State.
Other government agencies have leaked information that would tend to put political leaders in a negative light, but never backup the insinuation. This form of harassment is currently being employed to put the President in a questionable light, in hopes of blocking some of the actions he is trying to establish.
The information that is being collected was to protect the Nation from those that would do us harm, and there should be no doubt that the government has used this system to prevent attacks on our homeland, but citizens should be concerned when this information is used to take the Nation in a direction not intended by our Founders.
Government has gotten too big, and it’s clear to see that it intends to continue this growth, which will lead to a loss of the individual’s rights. The Nation is headed toward a dictatorship if the electorate does not wakeup to the fact that the government is not here to serve us, but to ensure its position.
Readers may think that this perspective goes too far, but before you discount it, read and understand the basic principles that are the structural supports to our Constitution, Also pay attention to the warnings that our Founders gave to us, and you will see that our government is intentionally destroying our Constitution, because it would block its efforts to gain unlimited power,  
This article has only scratched the surface of the actions being applied by our government, and if the reader starts to pay attention to what is being done by those in power, they will begin to understand that our government is only interested in our servitude it, which is opposite to the position that our Founders intended. Think about that.


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