For Your Consideration: Trust The Government?

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One should never trust the government or any other organized group that is involved in directing our lives and receiving payments for positions held within these organizations. Organizations have a tendency of developing their own life force that frequently lead to a position that the organization is more important than its original reason for being established. Our backing of any organization or institution should be limited to the degree that the body fulfills its intended function in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. It is doubtful that there is anyone that can truthfully say that our government meets these criteria.
At this point in time it is the Democrats that have the position of authority from the Legislative and Administrative Branches of government. The Republicans will receive a get out of jail free pass for now but one should not assume that they are exempt from their contributions to our current economic and social problems. The electorate needs to be alert to the one-liners that appear to support actions taken by the administration. The current one-liner that is in vogue presently is the one that suggest that all the actions that the government is taking now can be justified by saying that the President can walk and chew gum at the same time. The problem is that both of these tasks are learned over a period of time and have become actions that can be accomplished without much thought. Now the complexity of the issues that our government is dealing with today far exceed those of walking and chewing gum. Government has not mastered the minor complexities that it has been dealing with for generations. The shortcoming is our government is treating the problems that the Nation is faced with in much the same fashion as walking and chewing gum; without any thought of the consequences.
Our current condition is akin to walking through a field in continual flux with land mines, quicksand, and camouflaged traps with punji sticks; navigating this hazardous ground is not something one needs to approach like they are out for a walk while chewing gum. It would appear this is just what the present administration is doing. True, the new administration inherited this economic shambles but from the time the President came into office it became his problem. Trying to stabilize our economy while initiating a wide range of major social programs that have not been adequately thought through is not a prudent approach.
Congress in its efforts to deflect any responsibility for recent blunders have taken actions that are making it difficult to entice the private sector’s assistance in stabilizing or mitigating the impact of the recession. It would be more judicious to stabilize the economy first and determine where we are from a fiscal point of view before the Nation embarked on a massive social program. It would be even more prudent for Congress to show that it can establish legislation that would assure that the social programs currently in place were being managed efficiently and economically. Frequently, Congress’s solution to a problem is to throw more money at a problem; a good example of this is our educational system. Our representatives continue to throw money into the educational system and the system continues to decline. Eventually Congress may come to the realization that there are some systemic problems related to our educational system that cannot be addressed by pouring money into the system. It’s time for the Legislative and Administrative Branches of government to cease their cavalier approach to resolving our problems.
Our Nation does not need another major funding bill that is passed without our representatives know what is in it. There are those that suggest this new administration should be given time to correct the problem it has inherited; granted, it is going to take time but the actions taken thus far do not instill confidence in the approach or eventual out come. If this is the change the electorate was asking for then we are in big trouble.


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