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A realistic approach to the concept of perfection; this term is used frequently, but we seldom give much thought to the true meaning of the word. The dictionary gives three levels: a condition of being without flaws, making something perfect, and a given moment; this is a condensed version. Where some of us have a problem is applying the term to a system or a person. The more variables and time that are added to the evaluation, the greater the chance of this term being used incorrectly.
The reader may be questioning why this information is important, which is a very good question. Its’ important because it impacts the way we approach our problems. Perfection is impossible when there are variables added to the equations and the timeline is extended; the environment is in continual flux, it’s not static. When we develop a system to accomplish a given goal, there is no way of accounting for the fluxes that are impacting a sys over time in the environment. Our problem is that we seldom, if ever, take this fact into account when we create a system designed to achieve a specific objective. The government is famous for following this path, individuals will usually monitor a system that they have developed to achieve an objective, and make any corrections that are needed to attain the desired objective.
One reason for the government’s inefficiency is its inability to see the problem with wanting to get a comprehensive plan to submit, and they think that once that is done they can go onto something else using the same approach.  Most of our elected officials have the wrong approach to addressing the Nation’s problems; they think that creating a lot of legislation they are going to impress the electorate, but in the end all they have done is to show that they have made things worse. There are other reasons for generating all this legislation that has to do with their ability to add items to a bill, which have nothing to do with the intent of the bill, it’s a way for a politician satisfying a supporter, without presenting in a independent bill. All of these approaches are costly and counterproductive, and should be abandoned, but this will not happen until the electorate comes to the realization that our elected officials are not fixing the system, they are gumming up the works.
The electorate is continually complaining about their taxes going up, but the responsibility falls on them, because they continue to put back into office the  same political officials, at all levels of government that employ these practices. The government Establishment will give you all that you want, but you are going to pay for it, and that is going to be very costly. Because of the inefficiency and growth of the institutions involved.
The electorate needs to go back o the thinking of the Founders and their suggestion that the government only gets involved when something cannot be addressed by the individual or the private sector; we have completely cast out that concept, and it’s about time that we revitalized that approach.  
Flexibility and rapid adjustment are key principles for correcting problems within a system, and the government is not designed to function that way, and our political leaders have frequently echoed this point; it’s time to change.


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