For Your Consideration: Justice is a Rarity

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Individuals’ may think of Lady Justice with her blindfold and holding scales up with her hand, this depicts a legal system that views all people receiving the same justice regardless of race, position, or wealth, and the scales indicate that the judgment will rest on the facts. It’s a nice concept, but it does not reflect the facts. This is not to suggest that there are never examples of justice, but they are rare.
One has to take a look at the forces that are influencing the outcome of each case.  We will start with the drafting of the law, which at times can be very convoluted, making the law open for interpretation.
Another aspect that we find in our laws is that there are some groups that the law does not apply to; these groups are known to write the bill to ensure that they get the protection they are seeking. These are just two examples of some of the serious problems that our legal system has that prevent arriving at a just verdict.
The second factor, which has a multiplicity of problems associated with it, is the judgment phase, regardless of the type (judge or jury). Both types have a tendency to approach a verdict from their perspective of the wording of the law, and they don’t always go by the letter of the law. Some people view this aspect as a positive aspect, but it presents a problem when one considers the blindfold on Lady Justice.
The other issue is related to the attention that the case may have received in the media. The greater the coverage a case receives, the higher the probability that there will be an emotional responses to the evidence that’s presented.
The final major problem is that our legal system is being used as a political weapon, and there is no effort to correct the problems within our legal system. It’s a given that there will never be a perfect judicial system that consistently issues just verdict, but that does not mean that we should not make an honest attempt to correct the problems, which also tend to place a high tax burden on the taxpayer.
The Nation is currently involved with a special investigation into collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign to influence the outcome of the Presidential campaign, but it was given the power to look at any wrong doing, without any limitation to time, money, area of investigation, or the number of lawyers involved with this special investigation unit.
The Democrats have managed to maneuver the administration’s appointee Attorney General into a position where he is, for all intents and purposes, unable to perform his normal functions.
Essentially, what this means is that the opposition has been able to establish an investigative unit outside of the normal system that has no limitations, and  the turmoil that this unit can create for the current administration is considerable, and the total cost to the taxpayer is apt to be extremely high, given the number of attorneys and the caliber of these individuals.
The electorate needs to pay close attention to this special investigation group, because it’s going to hit each taxpayer in the pocketbook, not to mention the problems it will create for the current administration.


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