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The political environment may be looking at what’s called Trump’s movement incorrectly. The assumption is that the President is establishing the agenda for the Nation, but it’s more likely that he is tapping into the concerns of a majority of the population. This view should not be dismissed; the Republican Party has been using this approach to gain more political positions for the past ten years. The difference is that the President is intent on following through with his stated positions; bit the Republican Party really had no intention of following through with their stated position, because it would lessen their control and interfere with their relationship with K Street.
What the President has done by following through with the positions he has advocated, is exposing the Republican Party’s real intent, so it’s doing everything it can to appear to support the positions, but is making moves that will ensure that the programs will fail; this is a joint effort by the House and the Senate.
It’s not Trump’s agenda, it’s the basic attitude of mainstream America that he is tapping into, and the far Left, the Bolsheviks, are doing everything they can to reeducate citizens through the media and our educational system. Mainstream Americans are making an effort to expose the actions and the shortcomings of the Left; regretfully they are not going to get any assistance from the Republican Establishment. The hope of the forces that are looking to negate the actions of the President will blame him for the failure of the programs, but a sizable number of citizens know what is happening, and they will move to get the politicians out of office that are looking to take the Nation in a direction not intended by our Founders. The Progressive Left and the Republican Establishment are going to find out that they are not going to receive the support that they are expecting. These forces are doing everything they can to make any political office holder that agrees with the positions of mainstream Americans look unqualified, and there is no limit to the actions that they will take to this end. The two Parties’ are reading the tea leaves incorrectly; this may be the result of living in a D.C. bubble.
The two major threats to a course correction that will lead us back to our Constitution are Pravda, our media, and our educational system, which appears to be run by, predominately, Progressive Leftists. Pravda can be countered because it’s working in the open, but our educational system has been infiltrating our schools over the past three generations, if not longer, working quietly to integrate into our educations system at all levels, but there are also real teachers in the system, so there is a problem with many subjects that are open to distortions.
There appears to be some effort by some parents to pay more attention to what their children are being taught, but it seems that many of them are told to back off, because the schools are using new systems that the parents don’t understand.
This problem needs to be resolved if we are ever going to correct the educational system.
Our children are not being taught critical thinking, and they are also being taught that capitalism is bad, and socialism is good. There is a lot of work to be done in this area, and we are not approaching it as aggressively as we should.


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