For Your Consideration: A Practical Approach to Gun Control

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It would appear that our efforts to curb gun violence are not working as the proponents of gun control said it would. The facts have shown that in locations that have very strict gun laws that the crime rate, related to the use of guns, goes up. This fact is consistent across the board. The proponents for gun control suggest that this is because criminals can get guns from areas that don’t have strict gun laws; their position would indicate that they want to restrict guns to a limited number of people, which is a position the goes against the Second Amendment of the Constriction.
There are a number of reasons for a person to want guns, and one of them is a gun enthusiast’s desire to collect a wide range of guns. The number of guns would also apply to a hunter where the game may chance due to laws when game may be hunted.
Most reasonable people would suggest that there are individuals that should not be allowed to possess guns, but we don’t have any well defined laws that would single out individuals that present threats to society or to them. There are a number of problems associate with a majority of laws that are being past today.
Laws are being passed that effect law abiding people, but nothing is being done about addressing the criminal actions of individuals in the commission of a crime. In some cases the laws have, for all intents and purposes, made the act of buying a gun cost prohibitive; this also goes against the intent of the Constitution, because it’s the government that is creating the cost, not the open market.
The two major items that need to be addressed are developing sound definitions for individuals that should not be allowed to possess guns, and the actions that should be taken when an individual does not comply with the law. There are also individuals that have psychological problems that may present a threat to others or themselves; both of these groups contain a wide variety of individuals.
Once the definitions for those that are ineligible to obtain a gun, there needs to be a list of penalties for non compliance; these can range from something as simple as a fine or confiscation of the guns in a person’s possession, to jail time and loss of voting rights. The definitions that are used to describe the individuals need to be specific and clear. A general description will tend to call into question many individuals that should not be on the list.
When the definitions are established they need to be maintained in a central Federal agency and any government agency that has information on individuals needs to forward that information to the Federal agency. When a gun is first purchased a form will be filled out and the buyer will need to affirm that they understand the categories and confirm that they do not fit into any of the categories/ If the Federal agency does not have them on file the agency will issue a card to the individual stating that they are eligible to purchase a gun, and that card can be used to purchase as many guns as the individual wants. There is one more thing to be considered, and that’s the possibility that an individual’s status could change in a positive direction, and would become eligible to buy a gun. This is a very rough plan, and it’s not something that can be put into practice in a short period of time, and even when it’s activated it will require a lot of tweaking.
As a side note it’s important to be as much of the citizenry as possible to prevent an internal takeover of the country by a dictatorship, or to contribute to the fighting force of the country by an evading force. This last point may seem irrelevant, but consider all the individuals that would not be eligible for the draft, but would still be capable of contributing to the war effort.


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