For Your Consideration: A Deep Wide Swamp

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There is a lot of talk about the Swamp, but there is no clear definition of what the Swamp really is. In an attempt to give some sort of a description to this thing that is keeping our Nation from reaching its true potential the following definition will be applied to it: The Swamp is a wide variety of institutions, both inside and outside of government that tends to go counter to the basic principles of the Constitution.
The reader should keep in mind that this process started in the very early days of our establishing the Nation. Over the past two hundred and thirty something years, there has been a movement to put the control of the government in the hands of the government and the various institutions in our culture, which has created a condition that has lead to am ineffective government.
The corruption that has developed over the centuries has brought us to a point that makes administrating the government almost impossible and at the very least leads to more problems, which become more difficult to correct. A person does not have to be an avid follower of the news to know that something is very wrong with our government.
The thrust of the movement that we are experiencing now is related to the dismissal of two politicians that have sexual abuse charges against them, one is a woman the other is man, which occurred in their past, but there is no real definition for the term of sexual abuse. The other problem is a charge is taken as fact. There are many things wrong with what is being done to some of the representatives, but prime among them is the assumption of guilt that has not been proven: what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?
There have been countless cases in the history of our Nation that political leader have been found guilty of some infraction of the law, and the electorate has put these individuals back in office, What appears to be the motivation behind the current movement is to negate the influence of Clinton and Moore. The Democrats want Clinton our of the picture, because she has too much baggage, and it’s hurting the Party. The Establishment Republican Party wants Moore out of the way, because they feel that he is going to be a strong supporter of Trump’s positions, and that will reduce the Party’s power, and transfer it back to the individual. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are fearful of Trump’s success.
This sexual abuse dust up has brought something to light that has surprised many people, and that’s the fact that the public has been paying hush money to individuals that have claimed sexual abuse by members of the government.
It’s also surprising that many in Congress did not know that this program existed. this shows how attentive our political leader are when it comes to passing legislation.
The Swamp is very concerned about the direction the President wants to take the country in, because the general public will see that the Establishment has been blocking any moves that would improve our economy, and allow for a greater participation of the private sector, which would eventually lead to a reduction in the government.
Get ready for a roller-cost ride; because the Swamp is going to pull out every dirty trick in the book to make sure that the President is not successful in his efforts to bring the Nation back to a position of power and prosperity.  Citizens are finally going to see the government’s Swamp, and it’s not going to be pretty.


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