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It appears the President is going to get something he can sign on for, a budget, even if’s not as clean as he would like. The Deep State is still trying to protect some of the institutions that have backed the political leaders in Congress, and it’s not going to be easy to wean them from this behavior.
There are enough of good things in this budget to give our economy a good kick start, and there will be enough of an improvement to allow for more changes next year. There are a wide range of actions that can be taken to improve our fiscal condition over the next three years that the President has alluded to since he started his campaign, and a number of these items don’t require new legislation, and if they are initiated properly they will contribute greatly to the Nation’s solvency.
The Establishment, especially the Far Left, is not going to be happy with the results of the actions that will be coming down the pipeline, but the general public is going to feel better about their fiscal condition. The overall attitude of the general public will make it hard for the Establishment to continue its opposition to the President’s economic programs.
Let’s take a look at some of the things that the President has alluded to in the past; the first thing that comes to mind is that he feels the Federal government is too big and has a lot of duplication, so it’s reasonable to see some melding of departments, and a reduction of the excess manning. This will mean the money saved in this area may stay in the hands of the taxpayer, or go to projects that are needed, but the government won’t have to increase the taxpayers’ burden.
That last point takes us into the second item that he has talked about, how contracts are awarded, and to whom. The President has made it clear that for him to get the best band for his buck, he had to ensure that all the specifications were correct for the job, and the company that got the job had to come in under or at budget and on time; something we seldom see in government contracts. The actions that are required to ensure that a project will be achieved as intended requires a lot of work, something that this short introduction does not come close to highlighting.
There are countless reforms that can be made that will reduce the cost to businesses in both time and money, these will come out over time. As they do we can expect the money and time to be put to more productive uses.
There are still a lot of special interest groups that are receiving protection in the budget, but care should be taken with how and when this protection is taken away. Failing to note this problem could create a workforce distribution that would be counterproductive.
If this budget gets past it will have enough positive elements to give our economy a nice boost, but corrections will have to be made in the future when the system can tolerate them without causing a disruption. This is why it’s illogical to come up with a comprehensive plan that never needs to be change. We need to keep in mind that everything is in continual flux, and it’s the flux that we need to pay attention to.
There are many things that one can find fault with, but the overall effect of this budget will be positive; perfection is something that we may strive for, but will never reach due to the continual flux. It’s going to take some time to weed out the Deep State and to get representative that are concerned about the state of the Nation, and not the Political Party.


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