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The President has finally done it; he has declared that the Capital of Israel is Jerusalem, and he will initiate the building of our Embassy there during his administration.  This is something that the last three Presidents have said they would do during their campaigns for the Presidency, but failed to do once they were elected. When Trump finally made the promise a reality, he was told that he’s action was reckless and it caused all sorts of problems.
This problem developed when the British Empire decided to pull out its control of this area, opening the lands to various groups looking to establish a foothold. Israel carved out a State, which was expanded during the Six Day War with Egypt; most of which they returned to Egypt, but they held retained areas that they thought they would need to protect themselves in the future.
Israel has tried to make adjustments to its borders over the years, but it would appear those that are opposed to Israel will not be satisfied until the State no longer exists. This fact is evident from the actions that have been taken over the years.
It might be instructive to look at the recent history of establishing the State of Israel. In September of 1993 President Rabin of Israel and the PLO leader, Yasser Arafat, came to an agreement at the White House, which was negotiated by President Clinton that recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel; ten days after the signing Yasser Arafat was assassinated in Tel Aviv.  The message was clear; Palestine does not want to see a Jewish State in the Middle-East. Although President Clinton made contributions to the agreement, he did not sign it. In 1995 Congress passed a bill that said that the building of our Embassy would be reviewed every six months, Clinton failed to sign the Bill after ten days, so it was passed without his’ signature.
At this point in time, there is nothing different than what previous Presidents have said and done, but Trump has said that positive action will be taken during his administration to start the process of building the Embassy in Jerusalem. The only difference between past Presidents and the current President, and he does have a habit of trying to fulfill his promises.
An analysis of the past would indicate that the Palestinians have no intention of recognizing Israel as an independent State, and Israel has no intention of splitting up Jerusalem. Israel has shown in the past that it respects the rights of Christians and Muslims to worship at their holy sites, but they are unwilling to turn over any part of the city to another nation state.
Everybody is up in arms over something that has been going on since the establishment of Israel as a State, when the scene has not changed; it still remains to be seen if Trump will be the first President to make his promise a fact.
This could be an effort to force the two parties to come up with a solution to the problems that have plagued this area for the past three generations. As has already been noted, even the Congressional bill that was passed in 1995 has not changed anything that he has done so far. It’s time to stop dumping on Trump for something  that the last three Presidents have done, until he actually activates the plan for a new Embassy in Jerusalem, even then it will be up to the two parties to resolve their problems, and it’s unlikely that there is going to be any change in the current positions.


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