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The Bolsheviks have never given up on eradicating our Constitution, but they are not alone in this effort to overturn our form of government as it was intended to be.
The two primary political Parties have made many contributions to subvert the governance of our Nation as it was intended by our Founders.
The Bolsheviks are content to allow the politicians Parties to vie for power, because they use many of the same tactics that the Bolsheviks use, but the politicians only have a short term plan to maintain the individual’s position in office.
The Communist take a long term view, and make an effort to infiltrate all of our Institutions; their handy work is very evident in a number of our institution today. The best way to highlight these tactics is to take the Constitution’s Basic Principles and note where the Institution’s principles are in direct conflict with the Basic Principles of our Constitution you will be able to see the tactics that are being employed to subvert institutions.
To paraphrase the position of the Bolsheviks position on those politicians that are just trying to maintain the office they hold: they are useful idiots.
This should show the reader just how far we have moved from the original intent of our Founders. All the forces that are intent in negating our Constitution would suggest that it was written by a bunch of white men, and that the Constitution is out of date, and does not apply to us today. The color of the individuals has nothing to do with the Basic Principles enshrined in our Constitution, and the principles are just as valid today as they were over two hundred and thirty years ago.
There are some items that need to be reevaluated to bring the Constitution in line with the Basic Principles.
It is unrealistic to think that we could clean up the mess that has been created over the centuries in a generation or two, it’s going to take much longer than that, and there will still be mistakes made, and we’ll have to correct them.
The current President has initiated a number of programs that will move us closer to the original intent,
but even these programs have aspects that are counter to the original intent, but they are moving us closer to what was intended.
Given the current state of our government and institutions one would have to say that he is doing better than expected.
If the electorate really believes in our Constitution then they will have to do a better job of selecting representatives that can think outside to box, and connect the dots on more than one level, because the current crop of representatives are not doing a very good job.
They all take an oath, but it’s doubtful that they know what that oath is all about. This is not a problem just for the Federal government; it goes down to the smallest towns in the country.
Maybe if we got rid of all the dead wood in our government we could look forward to have a New Year that is progressively better; Happy New Year.


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