For Your Consideration: A Time for Christmas

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This is the time of the year that most of us need to take a bit of a break from all of the political problems that we experience throughout the years. It’s hoped that the Jewish peopled had a Happy Hanukah, and that the Christians will have a Merry Christmas. Both faiths have played an important part in the establishment of our Nation, especially when one considers the Ten Commandments.
It’s time to communicate with friends and family by cards, phone calls, or visits, to let them know that we are thinking about them. And it would be nice to get away from the political correctness of the recent past ten years and to give the standard greetings that we use to give. Merry Christmas was meant as a greeting to wishing the individual happiness, regardless of their faith, or even the lack of it.
Individuals may be helped by revisiting some of the old Christmas classic movies, or listening to the classic Christmas songs, it might also be a good idea to expose some of the younger generation to these classics. It might also be instructive to discuss some of the concepts behind the classical movies with the younger generation, because they are not getting the messages in our culture today.
This is a time to concentrate on the things that matter, the interaction we have with friends and family. Too often we get up tight trying to do things that have little to do with what the meaning of Christmas is all about, and His message goes beyond the birth. So when you wish someone a Merry Christmas project peace and goodwill towards the person you are giving the greeting to, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.


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