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It looks like there are going to be a number of people that are trying to take President Trump down are in a lot of hot water, if the information that is coming out about the actions they have taken during the past two years. The evolution of this problem started before Trump was sworn into office, the previous administration made a number of changes that just about assured that the new President would have difficulties from the very beginning.
Trying to lay out the scheme developed by the previous administration would be impossible to present in an article, it’s too convoluted and involves institutions both inside and outside of government, and the cast of characters appears to be endless. There are going to be books written on this subject and they will have a profound effect on how our government functions in the future. It’s too late to sweep this mess under the rug, the fact that the government is corrupt is hitting the electorate like a ton or rocks, and a good part of the electorate will want to see actions taken to ensure that our government does not continue in this vane.
The electorate needs to keep up with the developments of this scheme, but don’t waste your time following it daily, there are too many changes and the dots are still being connected, but you will get a good overview of the complexity and extensiveness of this problem. We need to get back to the rule of law that applies equally to all citizens regardless of their position. There are too many areas that give a select group of individuals receive special treatment, and our representatives are in such a group.
President Trump appears to be taking steps to correct some of these problems, but it would be a mistake to think that he can correct all the problems that have infiltrated our governmental system over the centuries. Trump is trying to replace judges that make the law with judges that follow the Constitution; this action will go a long way in correct many of the problems that we are currently experiencing.  
Those that are doing everything they can to hinder Trump’s programs are going to find that their petard that was meant for Trump is going to boomerang on them and bring them down.  The evaluation standards that the media are applying to Trump have never been applied to any of our recent Presidents, and he has been faced with addressing problems that past Presidents have been kicking down the road; this is a fact that the media, for the most part, has failed to point out.
This President is unlike any other President that we have had in the past, and pendants make a big mistake when they make comparisons to some of our past President.
Trump takes into consideration the fluctuations in the environment and works with what he can get at any given time, but that does not mean that he is finished working with that program; he will come back to it at a later date and make modifications that will improve the intended outcome. This article is not a defense of the President; that will come over time, if he achieves his objectives.
Unlike our political leaders that try to come up with a comprehensive plan that they never have to revisit and wind up failing because it was the best that they could come up with at the time, Trump takes what he can get, and when the opportunity comes up, he will make more changes to improve the outcome.
A good example of his approach is the tax bill that was passed in Congress, it was not all he wanted, but it was enough to get some things moving in the right direction. Keep an eye on this program; he will revisit it during his first term.


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