For Your Consideration: The Making of a President

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There is a tendency to compare past Presidents with one another, but that does not work with the current President. All our past Presidents have held some position within government, be it state, Federal, or military; this does not apply to President Trump. Trump’s only interaction with the government was from the outside, trying to get his business to grow. He did learn how to navigate all the road blocks that government has put in place, and these requirements were time consuming and costly. He was in a unique position to see many of the world wide impact on governments’ actions on the effectiveness of businesses throughout the world.

In the area of business Trump had a view from the inside, and he was determined to unleash the potential of our Nation, and it would appear that he is doing just that, in spite of all the pundits’ predictions. If the electorate is following the real economy, they should note that all the pundits’ prediction have missed the mark, as a matter of fact the economy appears to be breaking new records with each passing month; even pundits that acknowledged the merits of the President’s positions were surprised that the stock market did not have a pullback on the good news, this may be an indication that there may be a stronger growth than most people were expecting.

No President is ready for the position they are moving into, regardless of the positions held by them in the past, and Trump is no different in that respect. President is proving to be a fast learner, but he is also making his fare share of mistakes, but this is a part of the learning process. This process will continue for the rest of his tenure, but they should decrease in frequency.
Trump had an advantage that most Presidents did not have, he never got locked into the bureaucratic thinking that most politicians have, so he approaches problems from outside the box. This is a problem for many in government, because he does not react in the expected way.  

Trump is not really concerned about political Parties, his attention is on how to resolve a problem in the most effective manner, and this approach makes most politicians very uneasy, because that is not their primary concern, which is to maintain their political positions.

The very thing that makes our political leaders nervous, makes other nations uneasy, because they don’t know what he will do to get what he wants, but many of the nations around the world are beginning to get some idea, and they don’t like what is being done, because we are pulling back some of the financial support that we have been giving them, when they work against us. But President always leaves the door open for future negotiations.  

Most of the President’s accomplishments are the results of what he has been able to do on his own, except for the tax bill, and he had to work hard with the Republican Party to get what little he did get, but it was enough to give the economy a good kick start. If the Party would really get behind him, and stop worrying about the special interest groups that they are trying to protect, the Nation could correct a lot of its problems, and their positions in Congress would be secure.

There has not been another President like Trump in the past eighty years, and it’s doubtful that we have had any President like him in our history. It’s safe to say that he’s one of a kind, and we’ll have to wait till all the results are in to say if this is good or bad, but at this point some of the results are very encouraging.


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