For Your Consideration: Tagging Swamp Dwellers

By / For Your Consideration / Tuesday, 16 January 2018 05:00

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The actions of the President are often not what they appear to be, and many of the actions that were taken last week may ha e more meaning than is readily apparent at first glance. His approach to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) problem received a positive response from the media, both political parties, and the general public. The participants were supposed to come back when both Houses of Congress had worked out some of the problems, but six members decided that they were going to present their plan, saying that it gave the President everything he asked for. The President thinking that this group was presenting a plan that had gone through the requirements set by him accepted them into a meeting that was private, which was not his original intent. Two other members of Congress were in the meeting at the time, and they said that the plan being presented had not gone through Congress, so the plan being presented did not meet any of the requirements that he had set for the group, nor did it meet his basic requirements.
It’s possible that this small group of representatives realized that going through the process that the public could see would present problems for them, and it would make it hard to blame the President for not coming to an agreement, and this would be a way of killing the process that Trump had initiated to work through the (DACA) problem. Regardless of the reason, it may have jeopardized the future of the process.
The process that the President came up with would have enabled him to find out who the swamp dwellers were, and who would present the biggest block to his programs in the future. It also would have given him information that could be used to unseat some of his opponents. Since this was a closed meeting what went on in the meeting should not have been presented to the public, but some of the participants released statements that may have been taken out of context. The President should record his closed meetings, but only use the information if his statements are twisted to make him look bad, not to harm others in the meeting.
The President will have to be careful of how he is interacting with the politicians, because it’s not always apparent who are members of the swamp, and there are a lot of swamp dwellers that want him to fail. Trump needs to tag these individuals as soon as possible, to neutralize their effectiveness, if he wants to continue to make all the changes that need to be made. He has managed to get rid of some of these individuals, but there are still some that are playing the part of being with his programs, when they are not.
The tax Bill is off to a good start, but the swamp dwellers have managed to block some moves that would have made the recovery even better, but some of these can be addressed in phase two and three. If infrastructure is approached correctly, it would add an additional push to our economy, just don’t approach it the way government has in the past. A lot more can be done on reforms to ease the burden on companies, it should also reduce the need for the large government bureaucracy, which should in turn cut the cost of many of these government institution.
This recovery has the potential to surpass any recovery for the past seventy years, within a three year period. It’s doubtful that Trump’s opponents will be able to keep the facts from the public much longer. There are countless other areas that need to be addressed, so there will be no shortage of work to be done.  The swamp dwellers are going to do their best to block or unseat the President, for the country’s sake let’s hope they do not succeed.


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