Taxpayers Funding Council Insurance

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 07 January 2015 05:00

Dear Editor,
Ask yourselves why our Mayor and all of Council continue to think it is right to force you and I to pay a part of the cost of their Health and Dental insurance or a cash equivalent when very few Towns and Cities in N.C. will not allow elected officials to participate in their Insurance plan?  Our Council is not special.
For part time elected officials to use money derived from taxation to pay for their insurance is a greedy desire and feeding at the publics trough.
Your Mayor said that if elected he would vote to eliminate Town paid Health and Dental Insurance. After a year in office this has not happened. This Council should be ashamed of themselves using tax money to pay for this perk.
Instead of eliminating taxpayers paying for their expensive insurance this crowd used fancy footwork of a compromise designed to allow them to keep this insurance and included allowing for a cash per month equivalent instead of insurance. As information no person employed by our Town has a cash equivalent benefit. Your Council continues on a path of taking month after month by having funds taken from our budget to pay 80% of their Insurance premiums or 80% cash equivalent instead of Insurance at a figure that now amounts to $454.50 per month per member or $2,172.50 per month for all 5. This crowd is self serving. This is nonsense and must stop. Ask yourselves who is serving who on this Council? Are you and the other 5,995 residents of C.B. being served by Councils action on this insurance? I think not. Only five elected officials  out of 6,000 residents benefit from this perk.
$454.50 per month is not chump change that we are being forced to pay when they should be paying their own way. 
Councils compromise as has already been stated for our next budget year is to reduce the cost that we pay but continue Councils feeding at the public trough using a continuation of your Mayors compromise. This is a stalling tactic designed to never eliminate this insurance. Council appears to be waiting for his issue to go away and never eliminate this insurance for themselves. This crowd apparently did not think they would continue to hear about this insurance but they have. Council forcing us to pay for their insurance must be stopped  for moral and money reasons. Your elected officials have placed themselves on this continuing path of taking when elected offices were mean to be public service and not self serving offices. 4 of 5 on this Council have businesses and have no need to force taxpayers to pay any part of their insurance and for them to do so is pure greed and absurd use of our tax dollars. It appeared we elected a crowd to office that would eliminate this insurance but very soon after their election this crowd took the attitude that the right thing for them to do would be to force taxpayers to pay rather than them pay for their expensive Health and Dental Insurance. This crowd acts and performs as if we do not have a say in this matter, but we do. We can make sure no one on this Council is re-elected. We will have a chance in November, 10 months from now, to vote your Mayor and two of this Council out of office and replace them with true public servants.
It will then be three more years before we have the chance to remove the other two. We must start somewhere or continue to put up with Councils greed. The right thing for taxpayers to do for themselves is to vote in November to remove all three incumbents thus showing all others that the issue of taxpayers paying for their insurance will no longer be tolerated. After 11 months in office your Mayor has never made a motion to eliminate this insurance as promised instead he came up with a compromise that benefited himself and only Council. Your Mayors word to do what he said he would do on this issue is not what he did and leaves his word suspect.
D.A. Lewis
Carolina Beach, NC


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