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Dear Editor,
It is apparent the Town of Carolina Beach (TCB) is again seeking approval from the Coastal Resource Commission (CRC) to construct a boardwalk extension north to Pelican Lane.  The TCB already has submitted two separate variances to the CRC seeking approval for the boardwalk extension and both were denied.  It is evident that TCB will waste time, money and resources to get this approved.  This seems to be commonplace (example:  road diet and aquarium pier).  What will they try next?  It is evident that the boardwalk extension north variance did not meet CRC guidelines and will cause an undo hardship to many homeowners along the 875 feet stretch of land.  In their third attempt, the TCB might change the variance to reduce the width from 8 feet to 16 feet, reduce the number of bump outs, but this still will not decrease the affect it will have on the homeowners.  It still will greatly impact ecological systems and homeowner’s security, privacy, views and property values.  TCB has not proven that the public has undo hardship in accessing the beach.  There are 20 access points within a two mile stretch from the Carolina Beach Pier to the existing boardwalk.  The improvements to the existing boardwalk and existing access areas will sufficiently meet the needs of the general public, elderly and handicapped.  Parking is the problem for people accessing the beach.  Why approve a parallel structure (boardwalk) when only a vertical beach access is needed?  This parallel structure will cause undo hardships on homeowners in regards to damage from a major storm or hurricane, littering, noise levels and issues of safety and security.   Do we need to move the problems occurring on the sidewalks along Carolina Beach Ave North to the backyards of homeowners, renters and guests trying to enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of ocean sounds and views? 
Hopefully, we can defeat this third attempt in building the boardwalk to nowhere.
Mark Richard - Cabana
Carolina Beach, NC


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