Freeman Park: Why Does A Good Thing Always Get Ruined?

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 21 January 2015 05:00

Dear Editor,
Freeman Park -- when we moved here 12 years ago, we bought a 4-wheel drive so we could go to the beach with "everything" loaded in the truck. There was never any trash problems, dog problems or parking problems. Granted, we don't usually go on weekends and holidays. We are retired and up in age (my hubby is 86, I'm 72). We can't walk far, or carry things far, so this beach has been a God-sent to us, we would never be able to use a conventional beach. Our kids always used to go there with their kids, and many times, they would camp out overnight. The whole family would pitch tents and they would have a wonderful weekend. We would join them in the morning with hot coffee and spent the day there. It was a wonderful, inexpensive way to have a family outing.
Then Carolina Beach discovered a cash cow and a way to ruin it. We didn't need toilets, or lifeguards, or many rules, everyone did what they were supposed to do. Now my kids don't go, and this is probably our last year. Don't you think $75 is a bit much? And that was the discounted rate. We weren't going to pay the full amount. All this does is keep locals from going. I hope the tourists won't pay that very high entrance fee and that the grubby, misers that keep raising the prices find they are losing money this year.
Why does a good thing always get ruined?
Elaine Herzog,
Wilmington, NC


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