Feeding At The Public Trough...

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 04 February 2015 05:00

Our next local election will occur in November. I do not think voters will elect or reelect anyone taking or wanting to take Health and Dental Insurance with the cost forced on taxpayers by elected officials. We must elect those that will clean up this mess forced on us by Councils present and past. All 4 seats on Council and your Mayors seat are and have been for many years occupied by those that have seen a need to force us to pay for their Health and Dental Insurance. All on this Council continue the trend of feeding at the publics trough. Even after your Mayor won his seat by only 7 votes he has a need to continue to force taxpayers to pay 80% of the cost of his Insurance premiums. Your Mayor said that if he was elected he would vote to eliminate Health and Dental Insurance for elected officials. Lets you and I see to it that no one on this Council is reelected. After 15 months in office your Mayor still has not done what he said he would do.
4 of 5 on this Council own and operate businesses and can well afford to self pay for their own insurance. As information, we have one Attorney, one Commercial Real Estate Broker, One Contractor, one Motel owner and one General Electric Retiree. Hardly a bunch that needs public assistance to pay for their Insurance. So what we have here it is pure greed. Councils Insurance has been looked at by many Council’s at Carolina Beach for better than 30 years and the conclusion by them has been why should they pay when they can force us to pay?
This nonsense has got to stop and can be described as greed and a desire to feed at the public trough. This greed will continue if you and I do not elect folks whose mindset is they are willing to serve without being served high dollar benefits.
Elected offices at C.B. are meant to be public servants instead of self serving and must be returned to the standard of taxpayers pay for their own insurance and elected officials do the same. Councils Insurance for each member cost taxpayers $450.00+ per month. They have the option through a compromise made from a motion by your Mayor to receive a cash equivalent of the same amount  instead of insurance. In fact very few Towns and Cities in N.C. will allow elected officials to participate in their Town's Insurance policy much less pay for it. This crowd also gives themselves a $250.00 car allowance to do local Town business in our town that is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Out of Town car allowance is a different benefit and another story. This is way too much car allowance and must be changed to a documented per mile driven on Town business.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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