Soliciting Is Illegal In Kure Beach

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 18 February 2015 05:00

Dear Editor:
I am writing for two purposes.  The first reason is to express my sincere thanks for the professionalism of the Kure Beach Police Department.  The second reason is to make residents of Kure Beach aware of the fact that solicitation (selling from door to door) is illegal in Kure Beach, and should be immediately reported to 911.
Our home was recently broken into at around 10:15 am.  We were the unlucky victims of the vacuum sales scam.  They start at one end of the block but skipping homes, and ring doorbells to make their fake sales pitch.  Despite having a varied schedule, a burglar alarm system, and a dog, when we didn’t answer the door they broke in.  The Kure Beach Police said that if the neighbors who turned down the sales pitch had immediately called 911, the thieves would not have had the opportunity to break in to any homes.
There is no permit for solicitation in Kure Beach.  Solicitation in Kure Beach in any form is illegal, and the Kure Beach Police would like your help by having you call 911 immediately when they come to your door.   It could be your house, and you could be inside but didn’t answer the door because you were in the shower, on the phone, etc.  Please report anyone selling door to door.
The Kure Beach Police need your help by reporting solicitation, but they do an excellent job of solving crimes regardless! A little over 12 hours after our home was violated, they caught the thieves!  The Kure Beach Police and Chief Dennis Cooper need to be commended for their prompt response, their professional techniques, and their ability to very quickly sort through information to make an almost unbelievably rapid arrest!
We often over-look our first responders, until we need their help.  Please rest assured that when you need them, our Kure Beach Police Department will promptly respond, show extreme professionalism, and do their very best to make you feel protected and to resolve the dilemma at hand.  When you see them, please express your gratitude to them in advance of your needing their services.
Sincere thanks to the Kure Beach Police!
Lynne Copenhaver,
Kure Beach, NC


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