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By / Letters to the Editor / Tuesday, 15 September 2015 04:00

It is less than 2 months before our next local election. We have 8 candidates running for Council and 2 for Mayor. Out of these 8 hopefully we will have at least two and a Mayoral candidate that will take a truthful public stand to do away with elected officials insurance and get us back to elected officials serving as public servants instead of a greedy need to serve themselves benefits and dump the expense on taxpayers. If this seems a little strong it was meant to be.
Last election two of those running for Council and a Mayoral candidate stated that if elected they would do away with elected officials Health and Dental insurance but instead they invented a need for a compromise. What they failed to say was this compromise would benefit all 5 elected officials monetarily. Elected officials forcing taxpayers to pay for benefits in no way shape or form resemblances public service, but is greed.
4 of 5 elected officials on our Council are business owners at C.B and can well afford to pay for their own insurance but because of greed they continue to force us to pay rather them self pay. This has gone on for better than 25 years and must be stopped. All 4 on Council and our Mayor are once again feeding at the publics trough either through insurance or a cash equivalent that is costing taxpayers over $480.00 per member per month and was put in effect again for the years 2015-2016. I do not believe voters and taxpayers support the nonsense of elected officials self giving themselves 80% of the cost of premiums for their Health and Dental insurance. The only way to put a stop to this idiotic practice is at the ballot box by electing those that are willing to serve the Town instead of themselves. The answer to this problem is simple, if you do not support taxpayers paying any part of Councils insurance while you are struggling just to pay you and your familie's then the way to stop this nonsense is do not vote for any incumbent.
Elected officials at C.B. have had a strangle hold on our pocketbooks for over 25 years by forcing us to pay for their insurance and an undocumented car allowance. As information our elected officials will not allow anybody working for the Town to have a cash equivalent instead of insurance, this includes staff. Also our elected officials will not allow any part time employee to have Town Insurance. If our big spending elected officials want insurance then they should pay from their Town salary and ludicrous $250.00 per month per person car allowance to do Town business in a Town that is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide.
Taxation is defined as the practice of a govt. collecting money from its citizens to pay for public services. No where in this definition is forcing its citizens to pay for self given elected officials perks a function of government. 
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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