Promises Not Kept

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

Dear Editor,
This is written to inform so no one forgets. Before our last election Mayor Wilcox, Council member Leann Pierce and Councilman Gary Doetsch told voters that if elected they would vote to eliminate Health and Dental Insurance for elected officials. After eight months in office their actions show they did not intend to keep this promise. Elected officials not fulfilling their campaign promise does not give voters confidence in this Council when they seek support, confidence, trust and votes from us in the future. Should voters reelect folks that can't be trusted to do what they say? I think not.
Mayor Wilcox, and Mayor Pro-Tem Pierce elected to make you and I pay 100% of the premiums of their insurance after the election and set in motion  distrust in the majority of this Council.
During open enrollment Mayor Pro Tem-Pierce discontinued her insurance and elected to take the newly implemented 80%-cash in lieu of insurance. This was not given to them by us but by themselves. Mayor Wilcox kept his insurance and presently forces us to pay 80% of the premiums for his insurance.
Councilman Doetsch accepted the compromise that put 80% cash, the cost of premiums of insurance, in his pocket along with Mayor Pro-Tem Pierce. Has this crowd earned your trust with this insurance issue? I think not. Their actions have destroyed trust from those that voted for this majority that said they would eliminate this insurance if elected.
Your Mayor made a motion for a compromise when he should have made a motion to keep his promise of eliminating this insurance. Mayor Wilcox's motion and vote along with Mayor Pro-Tem Pierce and Councilman Doetsch did not do anything for the rest of us but destroy faith in their ability to be trusted.
Mayor Wilcox your compromise has not fulfilled your or this newly elected Councils campaign promise and it is still hanging out there to haunt all three of you. What was fulfilled was that confidence, and trust must not be placed in a crowd that has shown they would not do what they said they would do after their seats on Council were secure.
This entire crowd needs to resign and let us appoint others that are deserving of confidence and trust.
Electoral candidates make campaign promises to gain our votes based on confidence and trust. This newly elected majorities’ credibility, our trust and confidence in them has been diminished because they are not doing what they said they would do if elected. For those that do not know no, health and dental insurance benefits are given to Council paid for by us. Benefits are forced on us via our budget that Council has total control of.
Council has a stranglehold on our pocketbooks by being able to set their own compensation without any input from us. I have learned a lesson in believing that this majority Council will do what they say or promise. It has now become apparent they will not.
Mayor Wilcox, Council lady Friede and Councilman Shuttleworth are the next incumbents that can seek reelection. We need to show them  - by voting for others and removing Council seats from a majority of these self serving incumbents - and send a message to the rest on Council that you will not serve yourself a second time through seats on Council.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC


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