Action To Provide Safety, Not To Over Regulate Carts

By / Letters to the Editor / Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

Dear Editor,
The discussion during our September Council workshop regarding golf cart operation on the streets of Carolina Beach was not something that was picked to discuss without having concerns forwarded by residents and observations of unsafe golf cart conditions witnessed by members of Council and Staff over the summer season.
Being on the Wilmington MPO I agree with and support multi-modal designs of transportation but more importantly the safe operation of each segment of that plan. After seeing people operating carts at night with very dim or no lights, carrying passengers in unsafe conditions, "assumed" under aged operators being certainly some of the more serious issues. I felt compelled to start the discussion to develop standards and rules for the operation of carts.
I am only one of five Council members so these issues will be judged by all of our Council members before any changes will be made. The process we decided on was to instruct our Town Manager and Police Chief to suggest a plan to implement requirements over a period of time so compliance would be a gradual implementation process. I hope after the plan is presented and Council takes action to implement our Police Department will have clear direction of enforcement and citizens will be educated on the rules of safe operations during the registration process of carts.
Mopeds are another issue mainly controlled by the State of North Carolina, however golf carts can by state statute be regulated by local governments and since it's a privilege it's left up to local governments to establish local requirements.
My concern is safety of passengers, liability concerns for all who use our streets and clear enforcement for our Police Department.
I hope this clears up why and how we addressed this issue and that the decisions Council takes will provide a safe condition for all who use our streets. Chris, I wish you had attended the workshop and maybe you would understand that my action is not to over regulate but just have some regulations on safety.
Councilman Gary Doetsch,
Carolina Beach, NC


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